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I want to preference this by saying that I am a huge Spider-Man fan who is also a huge Donald Glover. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Donald Glover he is actor, rapper, writer and comedian. He started to make a name for himself when he wrote for the hit show “30 Rock” which then got him enough notoriety to star in the show “Community”. Donald Glover is also known for rapping under the name Childish Gambino, More recently he’s been a part of a few films like the “Lazarus Effect”, “The Martian” which was directed by Ridley Scott. Donald Glover is making a show on FX called “Atlanta” which he says is “Twin Peaks with rappers”.

Donald Glover back in 2011 was suggested by his fans on the internet to play Spider-Man since at the time Sony was rebooting the franchise and was looking for a new Spider-Man. The internet was split since many people didn’t want a black actor play the role of Peter Parker. Donald Glover is known for being a geeky guy and if you’re a fan of music you can tell that he was bullied for being a black-nerd. Donald Glover should’ve played the character of Peter Parker in 2012, Sony basically rehashed the origin of Spider-Man in the so-so film that was “Amazing Spider-Man” and for the sequel which “Amazing Spider-Man” we got an over-crowded zany awful over the top Spider-Man film.

Some good came out of not casting Donald Glover and that was the creation of the comic book character Miles Morales who is a Black-Hispanic Spider-Man. Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli and Axel Alonso created the character drawing inspiration from Donald Glover and U.S President Barack Obama.The other good thing about Donald Glover not being casted was the fact that we were given two awful Spider-Man films which forced Sony to split the rights of the character with Marvel Studios allowing Spider-Man to hang out with Ironman and Captain America. Spider-Man was finally given the justice he deserved due the screen writers, directors but most importantly Tom Holland who brought the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man to life.

Donald Glover was recently casted in the 2017 film “Spider-Man: Homecoming” as an unknown character. I will present you five characters that he might be playing.

Joseph “Robbie” Robertson

Robbie Robertson was one of the first African American characters to have a significant supporting role in the comics. He has usually been a high ranking editor at the Daily Bugle and close friend with the famous character J. Jonah Jameson. Robbie plays sort of a father-figure role to Peter Parker at the Bugle and is very supportive of him. Robbie is a Spidey-supporter and often butts heads with Jonah Jameson who is a Spidey-hater. Robbie Robertson is a part of the supporting characters that humanizes the character of Peter Parker. Donald Glover could play a younger-version of the character and would play significant role in the film. The problem with this character is that I’m not sure there utilizing the Daily Bugle in the first film. I’m not there going to add the photographer job in the first film since they’ve been really endorsing that this film tackles Peter in high school. Robbie Robertson is often times portrayed and drawn as an older character, Donald is 30.

Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis is Miles Morales father and a New York City police officer. Jefferson Davis before he was a father/police officer was a criminal and was constantly involved in illegal activities with his brother. Jefferson Davis was arrested once and his bail was paid by Nick Fury and not to mention before that he was a muscle who worked under the Kingpin. Since Donald was an inspiration for the character Miles Morales maybe it’s appropriate for him to play the father of the character in the upcoming Spider-Man film. Jefferson Davis could be Spider-Man’s officer that he goes to for help much like a Jim Gordon/Batman relationship. I’m pretty sure there not going to introduce Gwen Stacy father who is also a police officer so having Jefferson Davis play the cop in the Spidey movies could work. It probably won’t work because I’m not sure they’re going to introduce a Miles Morales supporting character since they already have an assortment of characters in this film. I’m not sure Donald Glover is the right age to play a father of a high-schooler either.

Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis is the criminal known as the Prowler in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. Aaron Davis is Jefferson Davis evil brother. Aaron Davis could be utilized in the film as side villain much like how they utilized Batroc the Leaper in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There’s also an interesting connection with the Tinkerer who is a character slated to be in the film. The Tinkerer designed Prowlers costume in the comics. This character is least likely to be in the film since it’s too much of a minor character for Glover to play and I much prefer him to play a significant role in this film.We do know now that Vulture, Tinkerer and Shocker are in the film so I doubt theirs going to be a fourth villain.

Eddie Brock

While Donald Glover doesn’t fit the body builder description or tough guy description this could work if done right. Donald Glover could play a jealous bugle reporter turned villain but my fear is that history repeats itself with a Topher Grace performance. As a fan of the character Venom and the actor Donald Glover this could be a major risky move but it could turn out to be a reward. If written right a played right Donald Glover could play arguably the most popular villain in the Spider-Man lore. I’m not saying he would play the fully-fledge symbiote monster in the first film but if written right they could build up to him playing the character in maybe the sequel. I would love to see Donald Glover play Eddie Brock in multiple films to slowly follow his fall to madness. His physique and height could be a problem but if he hits the gym for the sequel and if the camera angles are done right like they did with the smaller Tom Hardy in Dark Knight Rise’s film when he played the physically imposing Bane than it could work.

Miles Morales

With the recent casting of Abraham Attah who you might know as Abu from his incredible performance in the film Beasts Of No Nation my dreams of Donald playing Miles Morales might be crushed. The Donald for Spider-Man campaign shouldn’t be written off until proven wrong because I still think there’s a slim chance that Donald might play Miles. Bucky Barnes in the comics is portrayed as Captain America young side-kick but in the First Avenger film the character of Bucky Barnes is portrayed as the child-hood friend of Captain America. They could do the same thing with Miles Morales and rewrite the character to play an older police officer who is inspired by Spider-Man. Donald Glover could also lend his voice as Miles Morales/Spider-Man in the Sony Spider-Man animated film directed by the same guys who directed Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street. Donald Glover already voiced Miles Morales in the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon and it would be amazing if this could all happen. The likelihood of this all happening is up in the air but it shouldn’t be classified as impossible because Donald Glover has ties with the Russo-Brothers who Marvel fans know for the two guys who directed Winter Soldier and Civil War.Donald Glover knows the two since he spend time with them working on Community so I’m sure the two put a good word in with Marvel so Troy could be in Spider-Man in some fashion. Hopefully the fans get what they want and that is Donald for Spider-Man.

EXTRA : Himself/Childish Gambino as a cameo.

Hopefully I'm wrong but this seems like the most logical since there so many bases that this film needs to touch on that I can't see him play a key role in this film.I have this feeling that he's performing as the DJ or music act at the actual high school homecoming that Peter is attending in the film.I have a feeling the movie ends with a slow dance between Zendaya's character Michelle and Peter Parker at there Homecoming while Donald Glover is performing on stage.

Make sure to watch my video about my thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming below.


Who do you think Donald Glover is playing in Spider-Man:Homecoming ?


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