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Creed’s Michael B. Jordan will be playing Erik Killmonger in 2018’s Marvel’s Black Panther. His character was revealed during Marvel Studios’ panel in San Diego Comic-Con. While die-hard Black Panther fans know exactly who Erik Killmonger is, let’s explore the character for those of us who are not 100 percent familiar with him.

Who Is Erik Killmonger? | The Wakandan Exile

Before taking the name Erik Killmonger, the Wakanda native was known as N’Jadaka. It was during an attack on the nation of Wakanda that he was forced to aid the invaders led by Ulysses Klaw. Upon Klaw’s defeat, N’Jadaka was charged with treason and was eventually exiled. His parents unfortunately died during the invasion. N’Jadaka then moved to New York, where he would settle in Harlem (Luke Cage’s home turf). During his time in the United States, he changed his name to Erik Killmonger and went to school, earning a doctorate degree in Engineering. Later, he became a professor and also graduated from MIT (same place where Tony Stark graduated from), where he earned a master’s degree in Business Management.

Return To Wakanda And Revenge

Chadwick Boseman is T'Challa |
Chadwick Boseman is T'Challa |

After being repatriated by T’Challa, allowing him to return to Wakanda, Killmonger swore to avenge his parent's death. He attempted several times to take over T’Challa’s position as the Black Panther and one of those times led to his demise, though, he didn't stay dead for long. Via the powers of the Mandarin, Killmonger was soon resurrected and again attempted to overthrow T’Challa. While it seemed he had succeeded by killing T’Challa, it was revealed it was actually a Life Model Decoy of Black Panther who Killmonger had assassinated. With the help of Iron Man and War Machine, Black Panther was able to once again defeat Killmonger. Dissatisfied by Kilmonger’s lack of triumph, the Mandarin partially reverted Killmonger’s resurrection, weakening his body completely and killing him in the process.

The Man Of Many Lives

As before, he didn’t stay dead for long. He was again resurrected, but this time by Wakandan shamans who were loyal to Killmonger. Full of life again, this time he was able to overthrow T’Challa and win over the country, to the point that he was crowned the Black Panther. Unfortunately for him, because Killmonger was not of T’Challa’s royal family-bloodline, he almost died while consuming the Black Panther ceremonial herbs.

Powers and Abilities:

Apart from being in excellent physical shape and having an almost genius-level intellect, Killmonger is also able to enhance his body via an almost identical imitation of the Black Panther herbs. He also has highly-advanced martial arts skills like T’Challa. In essence, Erik Killmonger is an evil version of Black Panther, minus the black suit.

What To Expect From Killmonger In Black Panther

Michael B. Jordan is Erik Killmonger
Michael B. Jordan is Erik Killmonger

Based on Killmonger’s comic book history, Black Panther might not be Jordan’s only MCU appearance. With a man that dies a lot, but clearly doesn’t like to stay dead, if Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther kills Jordan’s Killmonger in 2018, expect the contrary. Being that Killmonger is one of Black Panther's primary foes along with Ulysses Klaw, we could see both villains working together against Black Panther, as they once did in the comics. T'Challa's presence in Captain America: Civil War means that he was absent from Wakanda during the transpiring events. We could then see Killmonger make an attempt to take over the country as he's tried many times in the comics. Since the real Mandarin is functioning in the shadows in the MCU, there could be a possible connection with the Ten Rings organization.

Michael B. Jordan is a tremendous actor and will undoubtedly have one of Black Panther's best performances. Along with Jordan's character announcement at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel released this special Black Panther featurette from Captain America: Civil War:

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