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It has been announced the Season 6 of MTV's Teen Wolf will be the shows last, bringing an end to the re-imagining of the classic Michael J. Fox film. Like many fans, I will miss seeing Scott and Stiles run around Beacon Hills stopping — and oftentimes causing — trouble. But at the same time, I'm happy it is ending.

The shows ratings and overall storytelling have taken nose dives since Season 3 and with the actors behind major characters leaving each season, it feels like now is probably the right time for the show to tie things up nicely.

What do we want to see out of the last season though? There is plenty to speculate on and hope for, but there are four things that I think need to be addressed in order to deliver the climactic final season that the show deserves.

1. Fresh Romances

Stydia in Season 6?
Stydia in Season 6?

Teen Wolf is a show fueled by teenage love affairs. Outside of the supernatural dangers of Beacon Hills, the romance between characters is always the subplot for the show.

Throughout the shows five seasons we have seen the main protagonist Scott bounce from Crystal Reed's Allison to Arden Cho's Kira. With Kira becoming a skin walker and Arden Cho leaving the show in season 6 though, will we see a new relationship for Scott?

It seems like it would be hard to incorporate a new love interest into the show and do it justice in the last season, but every hero needs a love interest, right?

Maybe Jeff Davis and other writers feel like the last season should wrap up Scott's story without a girl on his arms. After all, there are not many other woman currently on the show that Scott has made a connection with, but anything could happen.

I think the romantic side of the show will focus more on Dylan O'Brien's character Stiles. This past season, he and his girlfriend Malia broke up and fans have been clamoring for him and Holland Roden's Lydia to get together ever since.

It was lightly teased last season, and Jeff Davis has said that Stiles and Lydia are on the brink of a relationship and honestly that sounds pretty fitting for the last season. Stiles has been in love with Lydia from a young age and since the very first episode of the first season he has been chasing her only to be turned down.

Lydia started out as a spoiled snob who did not seem to have any romantic feelings for anyone without abs and a Porsche. Her character through the last six seasons has taken on an amazing character development swing and Lydia seems to have come down off her throne and has started noticing more than just looks.

Her and Stiles have a genuine connection and this last seasons love arc could give their long-overdue relationship the focus it deserves.

2. Returning Characters

Colton Haynes, Crystal Reed, and Tyler Hoechlin
Colton Haynes, Crystal Reed, and Tyler Hoechlin

Teen Wolf has a had a rough time with keeping their actors and actresses on the payroll. Crystal Reed, Daniel Sharman, Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin and now Arden Cho have all left the show under their own terms and the shows stories and development has struggled because of it.

Most of these characters left the show with burning questions and plenty left to be answered. Hopefully with the show coming to an end they can convince some of their alumni to make a triumphant return for at least a badass cameo or two.

3. Scott's True Power

Scott McCall is the True Alpha. What does that mean? Nobody knows.

The character reached a sacred title known as a True Alpha where a Werewolf can become an alpha based on their will power and virtue, but so far this has not shown to make any type of impact on Scott's actual power.

The show hyped the transformation up as something that would turn Scott into one of the most powerful supernatural beings in the show, but this has not been the case. His strength comes and goes based on the situation and in some cases he gets his butt handed to him in fights even a basic alpha should be able to handle.

The writers have held back on Scott's power and not let him reach his true potential, but nobody knows why. Maybe they were worried about the character becoming too overpowered, but in the last season it is time for Scott to show us his actual potential and become the True Alpha that was hyped up in Season 3.

4. Loose Ends Tied Up And An Ending To Be Proud Of

Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien will say goodbye
Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien will say goodbye

Jeff Davis has been heavily criticized for his lackluster storytelling and at times even seeming to start plot hole after plot hole in the show. Scott's True Alpha power — or lack there of — is one example.

This last season needs to have a story that flows and doesn't get too complicated or boring. If they want to do this show justice they need to find an ending that will leave fans satisfied and truly feel like they have seen the end of these teens journey.

There have been so many supernatural threats in Beacon Hills that it seems impossible to find a way to stop them from ever happening again, but that's what Jeff Davis has to at least try and do. Beacon Hills - as the name suggests - is a beacon for supernatural creatures and they have been flooding the streets for five seasons with Scott and the gang having to run them out of town.

We need an ending that puts all the chaos to rest. They can't use a random new villain that just goes away and then all of the sudden everyone is happy. That's not a true ending. They need to find a way to truly bring peace to Beacon Hills.

Or perhaps Scott's job will never be done. The show will end, but the peaces of Beacon Hill's may not be the ending Davis has in mind.

Scott may never have to stop defending against evil supernatural beings, but maybe this show's story was just supposed to be a story about a teenage boy making it through high school with the burden of the supernatural, and once he graduates that is just truly all we get.

It would leave a sour taste in the mouths of many fans, but there are worse ways to end a show. Whatever Jeff Davis decides to do, I just hope he puts time and effort into a fun story and a great ending that will leave us satisfied and glad we got six great seasons of Scott and Stiles.

Are you guys excited for the sixth and final season of Teen Wolf? What are you hoping we see? Tell me what you think in the comments!

Season 6 of Teen Wolf will premiere on MTV starting Tuesday, November 15.

What are you hoping we see in the sixth and final season of Teen Wolf?


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