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After three successful seasons,Starz's pirate drama Black Sails will reach its end with the show's fourth season next year. Set as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island', Black Sails portrays the lives of Captain Flint, Long John Silver and their crew, roughly 20 years prior to where the book starts. Commenting on the news, Starz managing director Carmi Zlotnik said the final season of Black Sails will bring viewers right to the take off of Stevenson's work, which has always been the network's intention.

When the news came about that the next installment would provide an ending to the series, the cast took to Twitter to let fans know just how awesome Season 4 will be.

Even Captain Flint himself, actor Toby Stephens, guaranteed the show will end on a high note:

Black Sails started off based in Nassau during the years of the Golden Age of Piracy, with the first season revolving around the search for Urca de Lima's gold. The next season, offered an empowered - and recently proclaimed - Captain Jack Rackham, the rise the former prostitute Max to a tavern owner and an unkillable Captain Flint.

Captains Charles Vane and Flint (Starz)
Captains Charles Vane and Flint (Starz)

Season 3 of Black Sails opened the doors to a newly civilized Nassau - under the name of New Providence Island - where piracy was pardoned at large. Among those who opposed the British ruling of Nassau, Captain Flint and Captain Vane formed an alliance to overthrow the British governor and his right-hand, Eleanor Guthrie. Allied with marooned slaves, Captain Flint and his men took the fight away from Nassau, losing Captain Vane in the process.

When the forth season premieres next year, Black Sails will most likely end where it all started, showing the aftermath of Captain Vane's execution and its repercussion on the streets of Nassau. The rebel pirates - Captains Flint, Jack Rackham, Teach and their crews - will fight for their home and their right to pirate their way through civilization. Since Captain Vane already met his historical end on the show, the same is to be expected of Captains Teach and Jack - alongside his partner Anne Bonny.

Since the matter of Captain Flint's buried treasure is the central plot of 'Treasure Island', we might even get a glimpse of Flint drawing his treasure map during Season 4 of Black Sails, but whatever comes in its final season, Black Sails will not bow down quietly:

Black Sails Season 4 is set to air in 2017, though no premiere date has been announced yet.

Source: Deadline


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