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San Diego Comic-Con may be over for another year, but thankfully we still get to enjoy all the trailers and announcements that were revealed over its duration, including the brand new trailer and clip for highly anticipated return of Fox series, Prison Break.

Prison Break initially ended back in 2009 after four seasons (and a TV movie), however a nine-episode event series was announced back in 2015, partly thanks to a rise in the shows popularity after it was released on Netflix. Despite the fact that main character Michael Scofield was actually killed off in the TV movie that capped off Prison Breaks final season, the new season will disregard this, and instead pick up several years after the last season of the TV series, with Michael very much still alive.

But enough chat about Michael Scofield coming back from the dead! First take a look at all of the action in the Prison Break trailer:

Breaking Down The Trailer

So basically the comic-con trailer was exactly the same as a trailer we got for the series back in May. In the beginning we see Sara with her and Michael's son talking about Michael, before Lincoln gets evidence from T-Bag that Michael is very much alive.


Intent on paying back his brother for breaking him out of jail all those years ago, Lincoln heads to the Middle Eastern jail where Michael is supposedly imprisoned and so begins a plan to break him out.

Michael back in jail [Fox]
Michael back in jail [Fox]

Of course, breaking out of jail is no easy task, and the volatility of the Middle East only adds more more challenges. The end of the trailer seems to indicate that Michael does, at the very least, break out of prison, when Michael and Lincoln embrace in what looks to be a restaurant. However perhaps that's when the true hardships begin, because the pair aren't home yet.

Breaking Down the Clip

While the trailer was amazing in itself, it wasn't the only footage of the series shown at Comic-Con. Take a look at this scene that was also shown during the panel:

The scene starts off between Michael and a fellow prisoner, discussing a decision made that will see many prisoners held in solitary confinement being released back into the general population. According to the inmate, many of the prisoners currently held in solitary are ISIL fanatics, and he fears they will quickly kill him due to his conviction for homosexuality.


It's then revealed that the inmate was supposed to be helping Michael break out of the prison (which would also secure his escape), however he screwed up his role in the initial escape plan, botching the operation.

However, Michael offers the man another chance to escape, requesting a piece of his precious gum in order to get things moving. When Michael's acquaintance expresses doubt, he rather poetically tells him "I will show you that, just like the butterflies’ wings, this piece of gum is going to start a sequence of events that will finish on the other side of the world." Deep.

But what plan that gum inspires is unknown at this stage, and unfortunately we'll have to wait all the way until 2017 to find out. Will you be tuning in to see the Scofield's back in action?

Will you be watching the new Prison Break season?


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