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After months of waiting, alleviated only by wild speculation, we finally have a trailer for The Flash Season 3, and it looks to be just as game-changing as we had hoped. When it was confirmed that Season 3 would indeed adapt the comic arc Flashpoint, we thought we knew what to expect. After all, there are clear villains in the Flashpoint comic, and the Citizen Cold arc in particular seemed perfect to incorporate into Season 3, especially after Grant Gustin revealed that the Big Bad might not be a metahuman.

But after SDCC we're going to have to forget everything we thought we knew, as the main antagonist for The Flash Season 3 is someone none of us saw coming...

He's only glimpsed for a second, but the writing on the wall (sorry, mirror) confirms it — the main antagonist, for the Flashpoint section of Season 3 at least, will be Doctor Alchemy.

Alchemist At Large

"Wait, who?" I hear you cry, and it's true that Doctor Alchemy isn't the biggest or best known of Flash villains. He's one of the rogues that Barry Allen sent to jail, pals with foes we just love to hate such as Captain Cold and Mirror Master (who still hasn't turned up in The CW, to many fans' chagrin).

But what Doctor Alchemy does have going for him is an impressive array of abilities, thanks to his possession of an element-changing philosopher's stone. And to those of you familiar with Fullmetal Alchemist (or Harry Potter, I guess), you know how cool this can be.

Doctor Alchemy in 'The Flash' [The CW]
Doctor Alchemy in 'The Flash' [The CW]

It seems likely that showrunner Greg Berlanti chose Doctor Alchemy because he's a fairly low-key comics villain, allowing the show to completely reinvent the character as a sinister antagonist — not to mention using their special effects budget to show off his transmutation skills.

There's a couple more things about this villain that could turn out to be really interesting. Firstly, he's got a split personality, which could take The Flash down a disturbingly psychological route. This could also mean that Barry becomes friends with Doctor Alchemy's good side, while unwittingly fighting his villainous persona — because we've definitely never seen that before.

But considering this part of the plot will take place post-Flashpoint, it's possible that Kid Flash a.k.a. Wally West was the one to send Doctor Alchemy to jail in the first place.

Kid Flash v Black Racer [The CW]
Kid Flash v Black Racer [The CW]

And speaking of Kid Flash, that's a menacing looking speedster he's racing in the trailer...

The Black Racer Revealed

The Black Racer might be a speedster but he's something we've never seen before in The Flash show. Depending on whether the series draws from his original incarnation in the DC comics, or the New 52, the Black Racer could be a fascinating addition to the show.

As the physical manifestation of death itself, the Black Racer has an interesting role in DC's mythology. The being possesses different hosts, with his most well known host being Willie Walker, a Vietnam veteran. It's difficult to tell if this is the story The Flash Season 3 will go with, as it seems likely that the Black Racer could be a leveled-up version of the Time Wraiths that we saw in Season 2, hunting down Barry Allen after his continued tampering with the timeline.

The Black Racer in the New 52 [DC]
The Black Racer in the New 52 [DC]

Or the Black Racer could be completely different entity, as the writers could double down on his role as the manifestation of Death. If so, what would the Black Racer's purpose be in Central City? And is he in any way connected to Darkseid?

The latter seems unlikely, considering the DCEU are banking on Darkseid as their Thanos-esque overarching Big Bad. Having said that, the Flashpoint comic does lead directly into Darkseid War, a major crossover event which resulted in the New 52 reset. So, the involvement of the Black Racer could spell major game changes for the DCTV universe.... or he could just be another speedster villain. Time will tell!

What do you think of these new villains?


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