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Better Call Saul, the highly popular spin off of Breaking Bad, returned to our Netflix screens in 2015. Since then, the show has taken off and fans are patiently but excitedly awaiting the arrival of Season 3. But what's next in Jimmy's life? How will Season 3 pan out after the jaw-dropping ending of Season 2? Speculation is the name of the game, here is what I believe should be featured in Better Call Saul Season 3!

Better Call Saul Season 2
Better Call Saul Season 2

Season 2 Episode 10: "Klick"

Season 2 ended with a huge bang, a bang that has left fans craving more! We witnessed Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) reaching into his sympathetic side and explaining to Chuck (Michael McKean) that he did tamper with his paperwork for the Mesa Verde case, just to get back at him for mistreating Kim (Rhea Seehorn) and stealing her client off her (romance isn't dead after all). However, a huge twist was put in place as the episode ended with Chuck revealing that he tape recorded the whole confession. What next? There was also a huge cliffhanger for our good friend Mike Ehrmantraut, after he treks to the desert to eliminate Hector Salamanca. Mike misses his one shot to kill Salamanca and, when returning to his car, he finds that someone has jammed a tree branch into the horn and left an enigmatic note on his windshield saying, "Don't". Who could that have been? Was it the almighty villain of Breaking Bad, Gus Fring?

Where does this leave Jimmy? I'm hoping to the high heavens that season 3 introduces Gus Fring, as I believe that Gus would be the type of criminal to turn Jimmy into Saul Goodman. At the moment, Jimmy has his own law firm with partner and love interest Kim Wexler, but he, at this point, is still called James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill. We need Saul! I'm hoping in season 3 we'll see Jimmy break free from legal restraints and become a lawyer for the bad people. But as it stands, he's getting a lot of business from the old folks home.

Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler
Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler

Season 3 Speculation From The Creators

An article on International Business Times provides some insight into what the producers, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, thought about what Chuck might do;

"This is something we hash out every day in the writers' room, and we're going to find out. Without a doubt, it feels like Chuck is about to make some really big move against Jimmy."

What will this big move be? Will Chuck try to get Jimmy arrested for tampering with legal documents or will he just keep the black mail tape as a way to keep Jimmy on track, in a 'do this or I'll expose you' kind of way? I wasn't too keen on Chuck in season 2, as he seems like the kind of guy who would get his own brother in trouble just for selfish benefit. Gilligan added;

"And I think one of the questions is: Jimmy is the guy who will run to his brother's aid when he needs to. Is that still going to be true after he finds out that he's been played, and he's been had? These brothers have suffered such a rift already — what's the next step? At what point does Jimmy's love, respect, and caring for his brother become permanently broken?"

They also commented on Mike's situation, with the note from Gus? Or A new villain? Gould replied;

"I think folks can definitely think about: Who writes a note that says "DON'T"? That's one of the things we talked a lot about. It's a very interesting approach to stopping Mike from shooting Hector. Of course, the fast way to stop Mike would have been to simply kill Mike"

Gilligan responded, after being questioned about Gus, with;

"Fair assumption. Yeah, I think we have. I think we did last night on Talking Saul. We've got some very smart fans, who deduced that an anagram of the first letter of this season's episode titles spells "FringsBack"

Let's hope that this illuminati-esque anagram does mean that Gus will return in full splendour. We need to see the mysterious man-behind-the-curtain in action!

Gustavo Fring Breaking Bad
Gustavo Fring Breaking Bad

Season 3 Fan Speculation

As a fan, I feel that season 3 will be approached with the same pacing seasons 1 and 2 were. That means I don't think we'll see much from Gus straight away. Gus is a character who hides from the lime light and handles his business with the highest secrecy, we know this from Breaking Bad. Therefore I don't think that after leaving one threat, Gus will suddenly fly from behind his mask and outwardly try to harm Mike. I do, however, think that Mike may pursue an investigation into who left this note and that eventually that will lead to Gus' arrival.

I'm very unsure on where Chuck will take this recording and how it'll affect Jimmy. I want to believe that Chuck wouldn't back stab his brother like this, since Jimmy never fails to help Chuck when his condition plays up. But we see a side to Chuck in season 2 that is very malicious, therefore that leads me to believe he would back stab Jimmy, maybe even get him arrested to stop him pursuing his own law firm - we already know Chuck doesn't like Jimmy's persistence in following his dreams. And where does Kim fit in all this? I'm hoping Kim will fight against Chuck, just like Jimmy did for her. What do you think?

And when will Jesse Pinkman make his oh so rumoured arrival? I don't think it'll be for a good couple of seasons yet. Jimmy isn't even Saul yet so I think us fans have a good bit of waiting to do before rumours become reality.

Mike and Jimmy Season 2
Mike and Jimmy Season 2

Season 3 Release Date

According to speculation from Bustle, Better Call Saul season 3 will be released in the same month season 2 was, February, in 2017. This would make sense since seasons one and two were released near enough a full year apart. Given the data, the show is most certain to premiere in between 6 February 2017 (Monday) or 3 February (Monday) 2017. Although nothing has been officially announced by AMC, let's hope this speculation is true.

What Do You Want To Happen In Season 3?


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