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During SDCC, Arrow finally revealed its first Season 5 trailer alongside a first look at its new big bad named Prometheus. While this name might ring a bell to comic book fans, this character has nothing to do with the Prometheus created by Grant Morrison and Arnie Jorgensen, and is an entirely new take on the character.

Here's what Arrow EP Wendy Mericle had to say about this new villain before the panel:

I recently stated in one of my articles that the new big bad seemed to borrow many elements from Richard Dragon, a crime lord who's father was humiliated because of the Green Arrow and went training for years to accomplish his vengeance. While Prometheus does not have the same name, he seems to share a common backstory that could point out to a long lost fan-favorite.

Tommy Merlyn Could Turn Out To Be Prometheus

A Reddit user recently pointed out that Prometheus's theme music in the Season 5 trailer shared some similarities with Merlyn's Dark Archer theme back in Season one. Here's the Dark Archer theme starting at 1:14:

And you can here compare it to Prometheus' music entrance starting at the 1:34 mark:

The first notes do share a striking resemblance with Malcolm's theme, and it might not be a coincidence. Arrow is supposed to go back to its roots and season 5 will, in many ways, be reminiscent of season one. What if this potential callback to the Dark Archer was not fortuitous? We know that Prometheus was collateral damage in Oliver's quest to save Star City and who do we know died indirectly because of Oliver's actions? Tommy Merlyn!

I saw the idea of a resurrected Tommy coming back as a big bad bouncing back for quite a while now. In fact, bringing him back from the dead would be far from ludicrous given the countless resurrection we already witnessed on the show. Tommy would only be one more person on the list. Such a twist would put Oliver in a tight spot, having to face his best friend and could satisfy fans eager to see the Green Arrow confronted with a new Dark Archer.

However, His Return Might Not Be A Good Idea

Let me first say that I am huge fan of Tommy and was deeply saddened to see him go at the end of Season 1. However, it is also as a fan that I do not want him fully back on the show. I always felt that Tommy's character arc ended in a beautiful way and satisfyingly closed an important chapter in Oliver's life. In their last conversation, Tommy said to Oliver that he was a killer, and losing his best friend after such a heated arguments prompted the Emerald Archer to become a better person, a true hero.

Sometimes, characters as much as we love them are better dead than alive because their demise allowed the main character to grow into a better person but also moved the story forward in a significant way. One could argue that I was happy to learn Laurel would return to the Berlanti-verse, but in her case, her death never felt earned and never resonated as much as Tommy's did. Her arc did not end on a satisfying note and the writers now have another opportunity to make Laurel's character justice.

However, in this case, Tommy does not need to be brought back. In fact, doing so would only a be a disservice to the great character he was, and to what his death symbolized for Oliver going into Season 2. Moreover, given Colin Donnell's regular role on Chicago Med, it would also be a logistical nightmare to make him fly all the way to Vancouver, even for a few episodes. By comparison, Grant Gustin's appearance on Supergirl was already hard to set up, and it is only thanks for the two shows sharing the same creative team that the producers and writers were able to pull it off.

Making Tommy Merlyn the big bad of Season 5 would not necessarily be a bad idea on paper, but certain stories are sometimes better not written.

Arrow returns October 5th on The CW.

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