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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Game Of Thrones Season 6. Don't say that you weren't warned after reading the whole article.

Littlefinger did face some embarrassment and disappointment during his early years, but we can't agree with everything he did to come in power. He took things way too seriously and is responsible for much of the power struggle seen on the show — especially

But enough is enough. Littlefinger went too far to get what he wants. Just because He's cooked up countless evil schemes that destroyed many lives for power, especially after allying with Sansa Stark. That has to be put to an end. Maybe bad guys are the ones who enjoy the most in this show, but they die some day or another. And Sansa Stark ensuring his demise will be perfect justice.

Sansa Knows The Game

Sansa Stark
Sansa Stark

After all she has been through, Sansa's becoming good at understanding people and how to manipulate them. As much as I hate saying it, Littlefinger was the one who taught her the most. She finally started thinking before making every decision and even trusting people like her brother Jon. That wolf inside her woke up and she took her home back with force and destroyed Ramsay Bolton. I think these things are enough to indicate the kind of women she has become.

She obviously didn't like or trust Littlefinger but she made an alliance with him anyways because that's what wise people do, right? Even thought she hates him, she might spare him as he was the reason she made it out alive from King's Landing. But what will she do when she finds out that he was the one who betrayed her father Ned Stark in the first place?

Bran Will Reveal The Truth

Bran Stark
Bran Stark

At some point, Sansa will learn how Littlefinger betrayed her father — and there's a good chance she'll learn that from Bran. Bran has finally reached the Wall and hopefully will reach Winterfell soon enough. He's developing his greenseer ability, which has already helped him learn the true parentage of Jon Snow and if he got himself that far, maybe he can get himself to King's Landing as well. He might try to find out what exactly happened in King's Landing that led to his father's death and see the whole scene along with Littlefinger keeping a knife at Ned's throat.

And when he reaches Winterfell and tells Sansa and Jon about this, they will definitely plan to kill Littlefinger. But how? He is Lord Of The Vale, or at least has the Lord Of The Vale, Robin Arryn, in his hands. Killing him by force will be foolish and Sansa is done becoming a fool. So what will she do?

She Will Use Robin, her cousin

Robin Arryn and Sansa Stark
Robin Arryn and Sansa Stark

Remember the episode where Lysa told Sansa about her plans to get her married to Robin Aryyn? Maybe Sansa will try to execute the plan now. Or at least, she will try to get Robin into her hands and take the leverage of the soft corner people like Lord Royce have for her. Let's not forget that the trust of Robin is the only thing that is keeping Littlefinger alive. Look at this scene for more clarity.

And if Lord Baelish loses it, nothing will be left to ensure his survival. When Robin finds out from Sansa that Littlefinger is the one who killed his mother, we know what he does to the people who bother him — send them through The Moon Door! Let's hope Sansa becomes the one who pushes him through it.

Meanwhile, do comment if you got any other ideas on how this evil schemer will die.

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