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For the third time in the 21st century, we're set to see Spider-Man rebooted on the silver screen, but a recent leak from the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con could put a dampener on things.

By all means, Sony and Marvel Studios have every right to be excited about the Jon Watts-directed flick set for a July 2017 release, with Tom Holland already making shockwaves as everyone's favourite web-slinger.

However, while faith in the film's titular hero may be high, the same might not be said for all the villains in attendance.

At the very least, fans now know that after much speculation, standing opposite Holland's Peter Parker in the main villain role will be the Vulture, as confirmed by Marvel Digital Media's Ryan Penagos:

It's also worth noting that after Marvel released new concept art for the film reinforcing the Vulture's place opposite Spider-Man, Michael Keaton—speculated to play the avian-inspired foe—appears only after Holland.

The Vulture is far from the cosmic-level foes seen in other Marvel ventures, and Podcaster Griffin Newman appeared to confirm more street-level enemies will be in Parker's sights:

Without doing a disservice to Herman Schultz and Phineas Mason—the alter egos of the Shocker and Tinkerer, respectively—they aren't the most intimidating opponents around.

Holland made his on-screen debut as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War earlier this year, and in that melee, we saw the Queens crusader duel with some of the biggest and baddest in Marvel's comic universe.

That's why it strikes as slightly disappointing that none of the hero's more favourable nemeses could have been adapted for what has the potential to be not only the latest Spider-Man franchise—but the best, too.

We've seen some of the biggest baddies Spider-Man has ever known already make their way onto the big screen, and it appears Marvel Studios or Sony may be wary of retracing their steps for the sake of reviving the more interesting opponents.

Sam Raimi's trilogy covered all the big guns, with the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom and the Sandman all appearing before the Lizard, the Rhino and Electro made their way into Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man films.

Now don't get this writer wrong; there's no reason to think the Vulture can't make for some captivating high-speed chases through a Manhattan skyline—particularly if it is indeed Keaton pulling on the green suit.

And you don't even need a big bad to necessarily make these movies a success—just tell that to Ajax, who made the most of his time as Deadpool's target mark.

Despite all that hope, though, there's this lurking suspicion that the studio may now be scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to whom they set on a collision course with Webhead.

The Shocker won the bad costume contest.
The Shocker won the bad costume contest.

After all—they've rebooted Parker himself so much, what would be so wrong with giving Eddie Brock (Venom) another outing, and don't even get some fans started on how good Carnage would be as an alternative villain.

All things considered, though, we also need to appreciate this is rebuilding Holland's Spider-Man from the ground up, and so perhaps it's best he takes on the small fish before heading to the big leagues.

After all, look how young the kid still is. Just lookit!

We're not expecting a twist on par with the reveal of who the Mandarin really was in Iron Man 3, but there's also always the possibility Marvel is saving its biggest of bad guys until the actual release.

So, in 2017, we may well settle for the Shocker and the Tinkerer, trusting in Watts to deliver even the street-level thugs as gripping and enticing characters.

We do this in the faith that one day, we'll see Holland's Parker taking on the best the MCU's villainous underbelly has to offer, and that will be a sight worth waiting for.


Do you think the Vulture will cut it as Spider-Man: Homecoming's lead villain?


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