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After a long, long wait for Wonder Woman to get her own solo movie, 2017 will mark the Amazon warrior's solo debut. To say this movie is eagerly anticipated is a serious understatement, but the trailer, now that it's finally dropped, is definitely worth the wait.

Stuffed with Easter Eggs and hints for the plot, the first Wonder Woman trailer establishes this film as a gritty war epic, as Diana leaves her utopian home to fight in World War I. But her reasons for leaving Themiscyra seem to go beyond a simple desire to leap into the trenches, as we see her face off against a mysterious figure at a party.

Diana may very well be tracking down Ares, the god of war and one of her main adversaries in the comics. It would make sense for him to be disguised as a military commander, as then he could turn the tide of war without anyone realizing. But there seems to be another antagonist who has gone unnoticed, and she might just be the secret villain of the film.

Who Is The Woman In The Mask?

Appearing for a mere second in the trailer, Elena Anaya's masked woman has already got fans buzzing. She definitely looks shifty, with her eyes scanning the room suspiciously. And this may be taken from the same scene in which Diana faces off against the man we presume to be Ares.

Elena Anaya in 'Wonder Woman' [WB]
Elena Anaya in 'Wonder Woman' [WB]

So who is she? Although some have already postulated that the mysterious woman could be Morgan Le Fey, or Diana's longtime enemy Circe, there's another possibility, and one that fits perfectly with the wartime setting — Doctor Poison.

Doctor Poison is an obscure DC villain from Wonder Woman's golden era, back when Diana was fighting the good fight in the Second World War. Poison used masks and bulky clothing to disguise herself as a man, sneaking drugs into soldiers' water supplies to make them disobey orders, instigating chaos among the ranks.

Doctor Poison is revealed [DC]
Doctor Poison is revealed [DC]

The New 52 later reinvented this villain, and she became an expert in biological weaponry. While it's true that Doctor Poison is far from iconic, the idea of a villain manipulating soldiers in WWI seems to fit in well with Wonder Woman's context.

Maimed In Battle

Her mask is also very interesting, as it is eerily similar to prosthetics worn by those injured in the war — these masks were specifically made to mimic the person's initial appearance, and were sometimes used in facial reconstruction surgery. That would make for a compelling origin story for the new version of Doctor Poison, who may have been a nurse serving in the trenches, only to become injured and disillusioned with the war.

Diana on the battlefield [WB]
Diana on the battlefield [WB]

Such a person could be easily persuaded by someone with a grand plan of manipulating the war to their own ends, so it seems possible that Doctor Poison and Ares may be working together.

Granted, this is all wild speculation at this point, and the only thing tying the Anaya's character to Doctor Poison is her mask, along with the wartime setting. But this would certainly be an interesting plot for Wonder Woman to explore, especially if Anaya's character and the apparent Ares join forces.

Do you think the woman is Doctor Poison?


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