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I had been waiting for this movie for a little more than two years. After the amazing Star Trek : Into Darkness (2013), I have been longing for new stories from the Enterprise. Clearly I had huge expectations for Beyond. As opposed to the previous films, this one was directed by Fast & Furious director Justin Lin. J.J. Abrams couldn't direct because he had signed on for Star Wars : The Force Awakens, but stayed on board as a producer. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg, amongst others are reprising their iconic roles. Sofia Boutella and Idris Elba joined the famous ensemble this time.

I had seen the trailers and didn't really know where the journey was going this time and where the movie was trying to take us. But it looked really interesting and different. So for everyone who does not really know if it is worth the movie ticket, here is my opinion on Star Trek Beyond.

5. Movie Plot

The film takes place about two and a half years after the last one. At the end of Into Darkness the USS Enterprise decides to go on a five year mission. So at the beginning of the film we see that they have already completed one-half of their mission. But living on board and being away from home can be tough : Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) finds himself thinking about his life on the Enterprise and the purpose behind his decision to join the Federation.

After receiving an aid call from another ship, the Enterprise tries to help but gets nearly destroyed and strands on a remote planet with no communication. With the crew shattered in all directions, Captain Kirk has to find a way to reunite his crew, but a new villain called Krall makes everything more complicated.

4. New Planet, New Challenges

I thought the main plot was very interesting because we get to see a new and exotic planet. We get to see the crew of the Enterprise in a completely new environment. I thought this was a very smart choice for the film, because we have already seen the characters in the same environment for two films. Changing the location brings new challenges and opstacles to overcome.

But it takes a while until the movie gets there. I personally thought the first 45 minutes were not very spectacular, but once they get to the planet it gets really interesting and exciting. Because the crew is shattered, we get to see new pairings and it is very entertaining to see how the characters deal with that.

3. Character Developement

Spock and Bones stole the film for me. This time these two got to spend much more time together and I loved that pairing. These two have amazing chemistry and are hilarious together. They keep up their love-hate relationship from the past films, but start to bond much more due to their circumstances. Zachary Quinto continues to impress with his version of Spock. This time we even get to see more of emotional Spock and it is nice to see how the character develops and changes with every movie. And he got so much sassier ! Same goes for Karl Urban. Bones gets the best jokes in this one and Urban continues to do a perfect job with the character.

We also get to see a whole new side to Captain Kirk. He is more experienced but also exhausted and does not know what he wants to do with his life. Chris Pine portrays Kirk's inner divisions very authentically and it is interesting to see a new and more mature side of the character.

2. New Allies And Enemies

Sofia Boutella joins the cast as Jaylah, a young girl who is also stranded on the planet and has been trying to escape it for a while now. She has badass fighting skills but is also a sensitive and very sympathetic character. She knows the planet very well by now and is a big help for the crew of the Enterprise. Her chemistry with Simon Pegg is amazing in the film and I loved this pairing as well. Scotty's humor matches well with Jaylah's slightly naiv but strong character.

The antagonist in this film is played by Idris Elba. Krall first seems like a typical space villain and i was not so impressed after watching the trailers, but he proved me wrong. There is more to him than meets the eye. I think Elba delivered a solid performance. Nevertheless i think that Into Darkness had a more interesting and complex villain with Khan. But the story around Krall is better than it seems at first.

1. New Directions

The film is probably the funniest out of all of them. That is not a surprise due to the fact that Simon Pegg co-wrote this film. It is also recognizable that there is a new director on board. Justin Lin brought more action to the film and uses new elements to drive the plot forward, such as the music in the film. Not only is the soundtrack to Beyond amazing, with Rihanna singing the title song, but music is also intentionally used in the film to advance the plot.

I had a lot of fun watching this film. It had the action, it had the humor and the amazing chemistry between the characters. It was nice to see a new environment and I think Sofia Boutella and Idirs Elba were both cast right for this film. It is also undeniable that all the actors feel very settled and comfortable with their characters by now. Though I personally think that Into Darkness was still a little bit better than this one, I highly recommend Beyond because it is very entertaining and worth the ticket!


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