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By the end of Game of Thrones's sixth season, Daenerys's entourage is looking bigger and stronger than ever. As she sails towards King's Landing to claim Cersei's iron throne with a large dose of 'dracarys,' it's easy to forget that one of her most formidable allies is currently on a mission to save his own life, by orders of Daenerys herself. While the lovestruck Jorah Mormont is surely having nightmares about Euron Greyjoy's imminent proposal to the Mother of Dragons, Jorah has a very clear goal for the upcoming season: Find a cure for greyscale.

So, how in the seven hells will Jorah find the cure for a seemingly fatal illness? Well, as always with Game of Thrones, the precursors are already in place, giving us a few hints as to how Jorah can reunite with his Khaleesi, free of the disease.

First Things First: Is There A Cure To Be Found?

The first question is whether or not there is a cure to be found. Most fans will already know that there absolutely is a cure, and this cure has already played an important part in the show. Back when Stannis Baratheon was still a devoted father, he spoke about the cure for greyscale, the disease that plagued his daughter soon after her birth:

"I was told you would die, or worse. The greyscale would grow slow, let you grow just enough to let you know the world before taking it away from you. Everyone advised me to send you to the ruins of Valyria to live out your short life with the stonemen before the sickness spread through the castle. I told them all to go to hell. I called in every Maester this side of the world. Every healer, every apothecary. They stopped the disease and saved your life."

So, with solid evidence that "Jorah the Explorer" isn't just wandering from Westeros to Essos in search of a fictional cure, our next question must be about who, if anyone, can help him. Stannis mentioned that he searched far and wide for Maesters, healers and apothecaries to find a cure, but this type of extensive search is unlikely to be featured in the show — especially since it was announced that Season 7 will have fewer episodes. Instead, it's likely that Jorah will cross paths with another character that has already been established in the show. Let's take a look at the two most likely candidates.

The Healer: Quaithe Of The Shadow

Due to Quaithe's mysterious nature, online communities devoted to A Song of Ice and Fire have been theorizing about her importance ever since she was introduced. Speaking in prophetic riddles, she first encounters Daenerys in Qarth (in the show, and earlier in the books) in Season 2's "The Ghost of Harrenhal." During this period of the show, she also encounters Jorah, most notably in the scene below:

As is the nature of George R.R. Martin's writing style, Jorah's healer is likely to be a character that has previously been introduced. The scene above establishes Quaithe as a healer, ritually protecting a man's skin. In fact, the only things we can be certain about the mysterious character is that she disguises her own skin, can heal or prevent diseases, and has a prophetic connection to Daenerys's destiny.

So far, the "go-to" character for fixing the world's problems with magic has been Melisandre of Asshai, but it could be time for another character to take the reigns now that she has been shamed for her actions. For this reason, Melisandre would make a good third choice as Jorah's healer, but it would be thematically appropriate for this to be Quaithe instead. It's also more likely that Melisandre will reunite with the Brotherhood, given her location and their history together. In fact, Season 7 will likely be remembered for its ongoing theme of reunion.

As I mentioned before, exploring the protection of one's skin has been prevalent when discussing Quaithe, and if theories about her origins are to be believed, so is the theme of unrequited love, something that is synonymous with the "friendzoned" Jorah Mormont.

So, it seems likely that Quaithe will be the answer to Jorah's prayers. This is even more likely when you consider that, to our knowledge, Jorah has no idea where to begin when it comes to discovering a cure. Even if Quaithe can't find a cure, it makes sense that Jorah would track down the mysterious character in the hopes that she can help.

However, magic might not be Jorah's only hope. Stannis the Mannis also discussed the knowledge of Maesters when finding a cure for greyscale and at the end of Season 6 — and everybody's favorite bookworm just touched down in Oldtown!

The Maester: Samwell Tarly

The last time we saw Samwell Tarly, he had finally reached Oldtown's Citadel, where he will (hopefully) study to become a Maester. There should be no doubt that during his time there, Sam is highly likely to come across a game-changing piece of information that will result in an imminent reunion with fan favorite characters (sorry for anyone who wanted the uptight librarian to be a main character). While I still believe it's most likely that Sam's purpose will be key to destroying the white walkers, it could also be that Sam discovers a cure for greyscale within the Citadel's treasure trove of knowledge.

If Samwell is able to cure Jorah Mormont, it would make him a trusted ally to Daenerys, and the life debt owed to Sam could be hugely beneficial to the show's progression. Personally, I think Sam discovering a cure would be far less satisfying thematically, and he should really be devoting his time discovering how Jon Snow's Longclaw managed to obliterate a white walker. Famed Game of Thrones theorist The Last Harpy has a great segment on this, and personally I'm convinced that Sam's journey will be focused on the importance of Valyrian steel. However, it still seems relevant that Stannis Baratheon mentioned that Maesters were called upon to help Shireen, with Jorah beginning his search at the same time as Samwell's arrival at the Citadel.

"Keep reading, Samwell Tarly." — Stannis Baratheon

Found By Maesters, Applied By Healers: What Is The Cure?

This week, Youtuber The Daily Planetos shared a particularly convincing theory that greyscale may be curable through sulphur. A scientific explanation seems unlikely to suit HBO's adaptation, but the Youtuber's theory delves deep into Game of Thrones lore and still holds up:

As a viewer, I would love to see Quaithe and Jorah reunite, and this would make the most geographical sense when you consider the distance between Qarth, Vaes Dothrak and Oldtown. In fact, the significant distance between Oldtown and Vaes Dothrak may be confirmation for some fans that it will be the healer, rather than the Maester, to help Jorah cure his greyscale. When you consider the increasingly magical themes of the show that is taking precedent over economics and politics, it certainly seems fitting for this to be the case.

That being said, Game of Thrones can be summed up by the precautionary words of Roose Bolton's bastard:

"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." — Ramsay Bolton

We shouldn't exclude the possibility that Jorah could "do a Gendry" and never be seen again, or that we'll be forced to witness Jorah's decent into madness. So, how do you think Jorah Mormont will cure his greyscale? Let me know in the comments section, along with any other predictions you may have for Game of Thrones Season 7.

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