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Masks have been a huge part of human history. They have been used for all kinds of things. We see them in theaters, religious rites, cultural ceremonies and of course horror movies.

A mask can make a character a lot creepier in a horror film. I actually tend to lose interest in a movie a lot faster if the killer isn't wearing a mask, I love them that much. Even a completely mortal human murderer in a mask seems to get a huge boost in power when donning their disguise, thanks to the psychological terror it inflicts on the victim. Just look at how many villains are defeated within moments after revealing themselves — their presence just isn't the same.

I would like to share my picks of my favorite and the scariest masks to ever grace the big screen. As with all lists, this one is nowhere near comprehensive and is mostly opinion. I should also mention this list is in no particular so order so let's jump on in.

10. Michael Myers: Halloween

I didn't want this list to be full of all the obvious choices like Jason, Leatherface, Ghostface and others because I felt like that would make it a bit less interesting. Literally everybody knows who they are and has seen all of their films. Of course they would all make great additions to this list, but my pick for best mask from the horror mascots has to go to Michael Myers. It has always been my favorite and just the fact that a spray-painted Captain Kirk mask has terrified so many people for decades is epic all in its own right.

9. Dr. Decker: Nightbreed

David Cronenberg's character in Nightbreed as the murderous psychiatrist is very creepy. Just look at that zipper mouth and the button eyes. This mask had a simple yet elegant design and will remain iconic for a very long time.

8. The Villagers: The Wicker Man

These masks just weird me out. Iv'e seen a few films with these kind of animal masks and I'm sure most of us have with popular movies like You're Next sporting them. There's just something about these that look authentic; I could really believe they were going to be used in a pagan ritual.

7. Frank: Donnie Darko

OK, so maybe I'm cheating a little bit with this one. Donnie Darko may not technically be considered a horror movie, but just look at this guy! Iv'e seen a few Easter-related films with some pretty scary rabbit masks before, but Frank just takes the cake on this one (carrot cake I would assume).

6. Ice Skating Killer: Curtains

Wearing what is apparently suppose to be a hag mask and ice skating around makes this a pretty unique villain. Creepiness aside, if you watch the movie in some shots the mask loos like an older and female Michael Myers. Relatives perhaps?

5. Satan: Satan's Little Helper

This mask comes from a horror comedy and it is bonkers! A lot of people had never seen this movie despite it being out for years until Netflix aired it. If you've never seen it then go around up a few friends and get ready for a fun time. I would love to add this mask to my collection.

4. Strangers: The Strangers

The mask in the middle looks like it was inspired by a previous entry on this list — Dr. Decker. Honestly, the two female masks look like they might have went on to inspire The Purge. It's no secret these masks have creeped out their fair share of moviegoers.

3. Damien Ewell: Madison County

Quite a few movies have featured pig masks, such as Saw and Motel Hell. I have to say those are better films than Madison County, though I really prefer the mask design from this movie.

2. Anonymous: Smiley

I don't even like this mask. It bothers me to look at it and i find it kind of grotesque. That's all that really needs to be said about why this mask deserves a spot on this list.

1. Demon Mask: Demons

No villain ever wears this mask, but trust me it's got power. The two seconds it's worn by a main character before a movie screening sets off an insane chain of events. Demons and Demons 2 are classics so if you haven't seen them go find a copy, and if you have then just watch them again!

Well there you have have it! Hope you have enjoyed this list. Be sure to tell us all about your favorite movie mask in the comments below.


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