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SDCC was the nerd event of the year, as Marvel, DC and many others brought their A-game. The biggest surprise of all was the presence of Justice League. The highly anticipated superhero ensemble doesn't come out for a year (or more) and is still shooting, but with a god-like group photo. But after that, it seemed like that was it from Justice League, but NOPE, a trailer was released and it was amazing! Filled with fun, the characters and gave us a good look for what's in store when JL comes out November 2017. Now, it wasn't much of a trailer, because it was nothing more than just some footage to get fans excited, but it still had some interesting moments. Watch it below:

It wasn't chock-full of Easter Eggs, but it had some cool ones that I gathered, take a seat and here's some of the coolest Easter Eggs from the Justice League teaser.

1. Barry Allen Watches Rick & Morty?

Justice League - Trailer (Screengrab 47)
Justice League - Trailer (Screengrab 47)

Yeah, you read that right. In the scene where Bruce pays Barry a visit, you can clearly see in the background a TV monitor showing an episode of Rick & Morty where Summer and Rick beat up people and, yes, it was an awesome episode. Seems that we have another reason to like the DCEU's version of Barry.

Another interesting thing is that in the start of the scene where Barry enters his apartment and sees Bruce we get a computer screen with a skull, which could be dismissed as a simple computer wallpaper, but could it be the AI character, Gideon? Maybe or maybe not, but it's fun to think about.

2. Aquaman's Eyes & Amnesty Bay

One thing that might have made some people wonder is why are Aquaman's eyes like that? Well, for those who are unfamiliar, one of his powers is that he can see in the dark, like the bottom of the sea-level of darkness.

Another thing that might have confused people who don't know much (like nothing at all) about Aquaman is why isn't he on Atlantis? Well, Arthur Curry protects the world of humans as well, living in the small town of Amnesty Bay. His father lives there in a lighthouse. It's complicated. Plus, it's obvious they tweaked Jason Momoa's eyes, so that's cool.

3. Injustice Much?

While descriptions of the suit did point to it having an Injustice feel to it, but with living proof, yeah, it's Injustice, alright. From the mechanic feel to the metal pieces. It seems that the armor is covering up the rubber pieces, while wires hold the whole suit together, which if any of the details spilled from the set visits are any indication, then presumably Barry will get a new, much more classic Flash suit near the end of the film made by Bruce.

Something like THIS would be cool, but maybe a more Rebirth look would fit nicely with the universe and the character that is being set-up. Plus, Iris West has been cast and oh, MY.

4. The Mother Boxes And New Enemies

The Mother Boxes were featured in Dawn of Justice and so was the villain of JL, Steppenwolf. We see in the trailer some people dressed in medieval outfits and are seen burying a Mother Box. Some assumed they were New Gods, but nope — they are men. Know why? Because in leaked plot details, men, Amazonians and Atlanteans formed an alliance against Darkseid and his army and won, with the Mother Boxes being left behind and Steppenwolf is after them (possibly).

Also, Darkseid is said to not be the villain for this film but will appear. That sounds amazing, frankly.

Justice League arrives November 17th, 2017.

What are your thoughts? What was the biggest surprise in the Justice League teaser? Leave your thoughts below.


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