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On the heels of the world-encompassing phenomenon that is Pokémon Go!, it came as no surprise to fans when Legendary Pictures announced last week that they'd picked up the rights to the property to develop it as a live-action feature film. What was a surprise however, was the fact that said film would, in fact, be an adaptation of a relatively obscure Japanese spin-off called Detective Pikachu. Interesting though that may be, I have a feeling that many of us are still itching for a straight-forward take on that most iconic piece of Pokémon lore: the classic Saturday morning cartoon (and its various spin-off movies). So, without further ado, I'd like to present my ideal casting picks for a potential adaptation — and I hope you'll pop into the comments to add yours!

Ash: Hudson Yang

Hot off a career-making turn playing Eddie Huang in ABC's hit show Off The Boat, Yang could perfectly embody both the fun-loving energy and the driven ambition of Pokémon's spritely young protagonist.

Misty: Joey King

After big-league supporting roles in Independence Day: Resurgence and Fargo, King has proven herself to be a capable performer, brimming with the firm resilience that so defines Cerulean Gym Master Misty.

Brock: Tony Revolori

For the part of Ash's slightly older (but not entirely wiser) traveling partner, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel star Revolori could lend a snarkier, more mature edge to Brock's wiseacre sense of humor.

Jesse And James: Emma Roberts And Evan Peters

Since it's never been clear whether or not the relationship between these Team Rocket partners goes beyond the platonic, you might as well lean in and cast this hot-and-cold real-life super couple (or ex-couple, depending on the day) as the dastardly duo.

Professor Oak: Jason Bateman

Though he may not be the obvious choice, it's hard to think of anyone better able to project the slightly zany intellect of Ash's brilliant mentor than the always-composed, yet slightly foolish Mr. Bateman.

Giovanni: Willem Dafoe

The primary antagonist of the Pokémon series, corrupt business magnate Giovanni, is slick, sleazy, and totally amoral. Sounds like a perfect fit for everyone's favorite murder-faced rogue, Willem Dafoe!

Every Pokémon Ever: Andy Serkis

This is just a no-brainer, folks! Serkis has used his raw physicality to inhabit mo-cap renderings of Gollum, King Kong, Supreme Leader Snoke, and countless others. Now, he can truly challenge himself by playing all 151 original Pokemon (the expansions will be saved for the sequel)!

We also heard a rumor that Emilia Clarke might be be interested, seeing as her character Daenerys is such a big fan of Pokémon GO:

Now, that cast sounds stacked to me, but I'm sure all you fans out there have your own interpretations in mind. As such, be sure to contribute in the comments with all your own inventive casting suggestions.


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