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Suddenly, the cries of millions of Olicity fans were heard 'round the world. At San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, the cast of Arrow spoke about the show's upcoming Season 5, putting to rest the question of Oliver and Felicity's relationship status. Warning: It doesn't look good.

Emily Bett Rickards confirmed that her character — Felicity Smoak — will begin the new season in a relationship, but not with Oliver Queen. Felicity will have a new boyfriend, who has yet to be named, right from the start of episode one. Despite her being fresh from ending her engagement to the Green Arrow himself, Rickards said Felicity "steps on it pretty hot off the bat, you'll meet him quickly."

As to how Oliver will take the news? Stephen Amell teased that a mysterious Arrow might "accidentally" kill Felicity's new beau.

"We meet him in episode one, he dies in act four," Amell laughed. When Season 4 ended, Oliver and Felicity were living in splitsville, but fans held out hope that Season 5 would see them quickly reunite after some time apart. The move to put Felicity immediately into a new relationship is an odd one for sure, and a bit out of character for her. So there must be an explanation — right?

'Flashpoint' On Arrow

Felicity's new relationship may not be as dismal as it sounds. We recently learned that Arrow will be affected by the Flashpoint paradox caused by Barry Allen in The Flash Season 2 finale. This is an interesting move, as the two shows usually stay separate when it comes to time travel, but with Supergirl joining the universe, the showrunners will use the Flashpoint to connect the Arrow-verse with its new arrival.

In the video interview — just before the cast is asked about Felicity's relationship status — they are asked how the Flashpoint will affect the characters, to which executive producer Wendy Mericle replies: "It will have a big impact on the characters that is does have an impact on."

I don't think the placement of questions was by accident. At the beginning of Arrow Season 5, we may find ourselves in Barry's new altered timeline. A timeline in which Oliver and Felicity were never an item, explaining why Felicity would be in a serious relationship so soon after her break-up with Oliver. So take a breath: There is hope for Olicity yet.

Oliver And Felicity: A Brief History

While Felicity and Oliver's relationship being a casualty of the Flashpoint paradox hasn't been confirmed, it seems like a pretty logical theory that makes the most sense. The couple that fans have lovingly coined "Olicity" has a four season history of "will they or won't they" — to which they finally did only to be torn apart again. Fans had hoped that following the Season 5 break-up, Felicity would remain single and focus on taking care of herself. In Season 2, Felicity briefly dated Barry Allen, while in Season 3, she dated Ray Palmer after Oliver told her he couldn't be with her and be the Arrow both at once.

Felicity eventually ended things with Palmer, coming to terms that she did not love him and still loved Oliver despite his rejection. Palmer — a.k.a. the Atom — moved on to Legends of Tomorrow to recover and join a time traveling team of misfits, while Felicity followed Oliver to Nanda Parabat to save his sister, Thea. There, Oliver and Felicity finally gave into to their feelings for each other, and left Star City to start a new life together vigilante free.

At the beginning of Season 4, Oliver and Felicity were living a peaceful life together away from their troubles. In fact, they were so happy that Oliver was on the verge of proposing. That is until Thea and Laurel showed up to ask for help against Star City's latest threat.

This set events in motion that would ultimately split the couple apart, primarily stemming from Oliver hiding his long lost son from her. While she forgave him, she couldn't trust him. They remained amicable, and Season 4 ended with just the two of them standing as a united front in the Arrow bunker — refusing to abandon one another and Star City again.

Should Oliver And Felicity Give It Another Go?

The answer to this question will be different depending on who you talk to. Olicity fans are clearly a huge part of the show's viewers with the couple winning "Ship Of The Year" at MTV's Fandom Awards for the second year in a row, amassing over nine million votes. However, those opposed to the coupling have also made their voices heard, and are probably thanking their lucky arrows Felicity and Oliver could really be over.

In terms of the show, I find Oliver and Felicity's relationship important. While their storyline hasn't always been handled right, Amell and Rickards have "smoaking" hot chemistry (pun intended) on screen. Their characters share a close bond, and Felicity is often the one to put Oliver on the right path as the Arrow.

It would be hard to see them end up with anyone else but each other when the show comes to an end. It would make all they have been through in the show a waste, which makes absolutely no sense at all. As far as we know, Arrow could be on TV for seven or more seasons, so of course the writers have to create conflict to keep audiences interested in the meantime. So I say yes: When all is done, Oliver and Felicity should — and will — be the endgame.

Arrow Season 5 premieres October 5 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW! Do you hope Oliver and Felicity rekindle their romance? Let me know in the comments!

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