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Suicide Squad is a little less than two weeks away from release, and fans can hardly contain their excitement for the debut of some of DC's most iconic villains. While these villains are no doubt iconic, all of them are Batman villains. All of them, that is, except one. Captain Boomerang. Digger Harkness sticks out like a sore thumb among the members of Batman's rogues gallery, and for this reason, many wonder if The Flash will appear in a cameo role similar to Batman's.

A few weeks ago, a rumor surfaced online that Ezra Miller's Flash will make a cameo appearance in Suicide Squad as part of Captain Boomerang's origin story. New footage from Suicide Squad shown at Comic-Con seems to confirm this rumor, as we get a brief tease that Miller's Flash will indeed apprehend Boomerang in the film.

In the trailer we see Captain Boomerang robbing a bank, only to be struck by blue lightning. This is identical to the lightning we see Ezra Miller's Flash produce when he taps into the Speed Force, as showcased in the Justice League teaser. This brief clip all but confirms that Flash will appear in Suicide Squad in some form.

With previous rumors stating that the members of the Squad share a scene where they reminisce about how they were arrested, and Batman featuring heavily in said scenes, it looks as if Boomerang will be the odd one out. I imagine that this scene will be used as comic relief, as all members of the Squad have been incarcerated and beaten up by a violent vigilante, whereas Boomerang was arrested by a streak of lightning.

Catch the (possible? probable?) debut of Ezra Miller's Flash when Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5th!

What do you think? Does the evidence point to The Flash showing up in Suicide Squad? Let me know why or why not in the comments!


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