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Fox has released a teaser for Season 3 of Gotham, and it is building up to what can potentially be a stellar season (from what we saw in the clip). Everyone will have a mountain to conquer and this season will be what makes legends of them all —maybe. Let's take a closer look at the teaser:

Gotham Season 3 First Look

The court of Owls, a Mad Hatter, and Talon are all going to be making their presence felt in the fall. More importantly, this season will offer more tests for young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). The 15 year old actor has done a great job the past two seasons as he grows from scared young child to the person that will become The Dark Knight.

However, Will Gotham Be Able To Evolve With David Mazouz As Bruce Wayne?

That's a good question. No one doubts this young man at all in regards to his talent. He has made fans of the show feel emotional about the struggles of a young boy who was victim to a violent crime. Fans root for him as he battles to find the truth behind the death of his parents within a dark world embroiled in corporate deceit, organized crime, and the horrors hidden within the shadows of the criminal underworld.

David has shown us in Season 2 that Bruce is growing, both in character and skill. There is no question that we will continue to see that growth from young Wayne as he walks the path towards his destiny. Yet, after Season 3, questions will have to be asked when we start talking about the future of the show.

To become Batman, there needs to be a physical change as well. David looks so young and is built the same way, and eventually he will have to start looking like a young man able to bear the mantle of the bat. Which begs the question: Can he do it? Will it happen in an acceptable television timeline for the show?

Past and Present Bruce Wayne David and Ben!
Past and Present Bruce Wayne David and Ben!

The world of Gotham and her villains are unraveling very quickly in the two seasons already behind us, and it will not stop at Season 3. Commissioner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has held his ground, and loyal Wayne Manor butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee) has gone above and beyond as the steward for the Wayne Legacy. Both of these characters and their backstories have entertained and enamored us to keep watching, but they are just two pieces of a puzzle that cannot be made whole unless we see some spectacular growth from the most important character, Bruce Wayne.

So Who Can Take The Young Bruce Wayne Character To Another Level, And how?

The next phase of the evolution of Bruce Wayne will have to be someone young enough to play high school senior or college student. An actor will have to be found that has a robust look, but also embodies the physical potential required carry the bat on his chest.

There are many fine young actors that can carry the role, but there is one in particular who comes to mind and he will be a free agent at the end of this season of Teen Wolf. Yes my friends, that actor is Tyler Posey. If Gotham takes the leap to go forward in the timeline at the start of Season 4, Tyler is the actor to start that next chapter.

Looking at him you can definitely see young Bruce Wayne in that area of transition towards becoming Batman. Tyler Posey has had a successful run on MTV's Teen Wolf, which enters its final season this fall. He has so much potential for growth at 24 years old and would elevate Gotham to another level, and probably will bring an abundance of new fans to the show.

So what do you think? Should Gotham cast Tyler Posey after Season 3? Comment below with your thoughts!


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