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Warning: If you have not watched the July 21st season finale of Bones, and you do not want to be spoiled, stop now! This post discusses the season final and will reveal a major spoiler. You have been warned!

Now that the warning's out of the way. Wow. I was not expecting the season finale of Bones. I finally started putting the clues together toward the end with everyone else I'm sure, but I still couldn't believe it when Bones woke up in that dark room to find Zack Addy staring at her. That's right. Zack Addy is back, but he isn't the floppy-haired squint we knew from Season 1–3, nor is he even the gullible assistant killer we discovered him to be at the end of Season 3!

This Zack is supposedly a psycho serial killer that has been dubbed "The Puppeteer" as he kills people and hooks them up to wires much like marionettes. I cannot be the only person whose mouth fell open when I realized Eric Millegan was reprising his role in a way I never wanted. And according to Executive Producer, John Collier, Season 12 is a "lot of Zack."

When spoke with Eric Millegan about his return, here is one part of what Eric had to say:

“He’s been in a mental hospital for eight years. He’s been through a lot, and we’re going to find out what he’s been through.”

That sounds ominous, and for those of you wondering how Zack escaped from the mental facility, he did it once before in Season 4's "The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond" by exchanging the magnetic strip on Dr. Lance Sweets's entrance card with Zack's library card. Since Dr. Sweets died last year, it does make one wonder if he used another visitor as his pawn to escape this time around.

Fans have been wanting Zack to return since the end of Season 3, and there's even an active website titled Bring Back Zack. I'm not so sure this is what the fans had in mind. However, since Season 12 is the final season of Bones, perhaps John Collier is taking the risk to go out with a bang.

In his conversation with, Millegan did add:

“I’ve read episode 1 [of Season 12] and it’s amazing. It’s really, really good. It’s very fun, and it’s a lot of Zack. Fans will not be disappointed when they find out what Zack has been up to for the last eight years.”

So maybe there will be redemption for the lovable nerd we met in Season 1 of Bones, but unless it's proven that he isn't the killer, I don't see how that's possible. Regardless, we won't find out until the Spring of 2017 when Bones returns for its final season.

What did you think about the season finale of Bones? Are you disappointed with how they brought Zack back?


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