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The folks at AMC's mega hit Breaking Bad had a habit of dropping "Easter Egg" clues to hard core fans for years. Now that Breaking Bad is no more, the Vince Gilligan crew has continued that practice on their new hit, Better Call Saul, with callbacks and references to it's parent show for two seasons now.

What NO ONE expected was a connection between Breaking Bad and the new AMC hit, Preacher, but that's just what we got on the last episode! But maybe that's not such a surprise after all, considering show-runner Sam Catlin worked for years on Breaking Bad.

So here's the deal. Angels DeBlanc and Fiore are forced to make a trip from Texas to Hell - yes, Hell - to clean up the horrible mess they're in. They book an excursion through the otherworldly travel agency Distant Vistas (because every town has a travel agency like that, right?), and are told to meet the travel van at a specific location for pickup.

'Preacher' Pickup Location

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

The angels are picked up and make their way to Hell. But eagle-eyed Breaking Bad fans (including myself) immediately recognized that Albuquerque location from the famous episode Ozymandias, where Walter White was picked up by "The Cleaner", a man who can make Walt disappear from the grid and escape his predicament.

'Breaking Bad' Pickup Location

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

Look familiar?

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

Yeah, more like EXACTLY the same! So, you may ask, if Preacher is supposed to be set in Texas, then why are they using Albuquerque locations? The answer is that even though Breaking Bad stopped production, the infrastructure for shooting in Albuquerque was already in place and being used by Gilligan for Better Call Saul. And since Sam Catlin is an alum of Breaking Bad, it made sense budget-wise to film Preacher there as well.

I have no doubt that Catlin wanted to drop that Easter Egg into Preacher to thrill the fans of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul: he's cool like that. An extra added bonus: at the end of each scene the EXACT SAME dog crosses the street. How amazing is that?

Check Out Both Scenes and Be Amazed!

So does this mean we might see MORE Breaking Bad Easter Eggs on Preacher? Maybe; because in that episode we also saw Tulip confront her nemesis Carlos in Albuquerque! So who knows? If both shows inhabit the same universe, we might get cameos from Breaking Bad alums Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman, Badger, Skinny Pete, Tuco, or anyone else - the possibilities are endless!

Would You Be Excited to See More 'Preacher'/'Breaking Bad' Connections?


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