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Power Rangers has traveled a hard road to become one of our most anticipated upcoming big-budget films...and its not through trekking yet. Based on a kid-friendly TV show, the movie will need to have a strong enough story to not only please hardcore fans but manage to grab the attention of both new and old skeptical audiences.

The film so far has been advertised as a grittier reimagining of the story about the five teenagers with attitude that come together to fight a greater evil. This means leaving the sillier aspects of the TV show — of which there were many — behind in favor of a more grounded and believable story that can stand on its own among other blockbusters.

Alpha 5

Well, be happy everyone! talked with Power Rangers' director and cast during SDCC and thanks to that, we now know the Power Rangers' inarticulate but lovable sidekick, Alpha 5 will appear in the upcoming film, as well as the Dinozords, the Power Rangers' super robots that enable them to fight on a larger scale when confronted with huge enemies.

When asked whether or not the trustworthy robot, Alpha 5, would appear in the film, director Dean Israelite answered:

"Yes, yes. I think it's gonna be a spectacular character."


One of the topics that has generated much of the talk about this film is whether or not their Zords, a group of robots that come together to form a Megazord, would get a spot in the film. Well, it seems they will. When the cast was asked about which Zord they'd like to be in real-life, Red Ranger actor, Dacre Montgomery, said this:

"It's the T-Rex! Like, how could you go anywhere else? It's amazing, I'm really happy with mine."

His "happy with mine" comment seems like nothing if not a confirmation that we can expect to see the Zords in the film. While it seems unlikely the film would have opted not to include what is absolutely a staple of the entire Power Rangers franchise, it's nice to have confirmation of this element of the film.

The Theme Song

Fortunately, that's not all the big news we got from Comic-Con this weekend. When asked about whether the famous theme song of the show would be present in the reboot, Israelite said this:

"Absolutely. The music is going to be key in this movie and we are working really hard with phenomenal artists and producers to figure out the sound."

These comments are really intriguing. Is Israelite hinting at an update to the classic song? If he is, hopefully, it won't be as controversial a change as the recent Ghostbusters theme attempt, updating a classic to general hatred.

So, there you have it, guys. It seems we nostalgic fans will get a kick out of seeing old Power Rangers' staples such as Alpha 5, the Zords and the catchy song in the new version of the teenage heroes. Hopefully, these newly revealed aspects will encourage skeptical long-time fans of the franchise to give the film a try. Will Power Rangers be any good? We'll have to wait until March 24, 2017, to find out. But what do you think?

Are you excited for the film after these reveals and which aspect excites you most? Alpha 5, Zords or the theme song?


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