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Meet your new life coach: Curious George.

If there’s one thing that our favorite little monkey teaches us, it’s that it’s better to be too curious then not curious at all.

For more than 70 years, the iconic cartoon monkey has been causing hijinks (but making his wrongs right), conducting symphonies, chasing dogs, ruining science projects, riding New York City subways, making silly hats, searching for pots of gold at the ends of rainbows – the list goes on and on. This little guy has done everything. Years have gone by, laws have passed, scrunchies have come and gone (and come back again), but the one constant is that George will always teach valuable life lessons to kids.

But “Curious George” isn’t just for our little ones. He embodies the childlike curiosity and imagination that we need in our lives, which a lot of us lose as we become adults, struggling and stressing out on the regular about paying bills and other "adult" stuff. We lose a little of ourselves. As adults, we also become too self-conscious in order to fit society’s norms. We’re even too scared to try new things. Or maybe we just get too “busy” to enjoy life. We risk becoming shells of our former selves with no joie de vivre to imagine, create, explore, and learn.

Maybe as adults, we need some George in our lives to remind us that we should never stop imagining, creating, exploring, and learning. The little monkey may hold the answers to life. Because admit it: George knows how to live. Here are 6 ways he makes it his best life, ever.

1. Eat All The Scary, Smelly Food

You can do it, George!
You can do it, George!

George’s natural curiosity brought him to a new Vietnamese grocery store in his neighborhood. George has never been one to shy away from food—in fact, the little monkey can really pack it in. (Where does it all go?) So it’s only natural for him to try some super exotic Asian fruits and veggies. George even tried to eat durian, a deliciously custardy, natural treat grown in tropical areas, but often dubbed as “the smelliest fruit in the world.” But food-venturous George goes for it. So try those weird foods, even if they smell like a million farts trapped in a hot diaper. You just might like it. Or maybe not!

2. Party Like An Animal

George can't stop, won't stop.
George can't stop, won't stop.

Rock star and professional partyer Andrew WK tells you to “Party Hard,” but George wants you to party like an animal. There’s that one time when George was fascinated by his friend Betsy’s piñata at a party, he just couldn’t control himself and went buck wild hitting it, destroying everything in sight while horrifying Betsy’s mom all at once. Sometimes we all just gotta let loose, Betsy’s Mom.

3. Partake In Both Lowbrow And Highbrow Culture

Oh you know, just listening to some jazz.
Oh you know, just listening to some jazz.

One minute George is conducting a wind symphony. The next, he’s randomly performing in a sock puppet play based on Hansel & Gretel. George is a true patron of the arts because he doesn’t care if it’s highbrow like jazz or lowbrow like a sock puppet show. George can teach us that it’s OK to enjoy something terrible like Showgirls. But balance it out with something from the Criterion Collection once in a while!

4. Make Something

George thinks outside the box by inventing a box!
George thinks outside the box by inventing a box!

George can teach us that we should never stop innovating and creating. When George discovers a vending machine, he becomes super fascinated by its mechanics. A machine that dispenses snacks? What if it dispensed desserts? George is never one to sit around and wait for someone else to invent a dessert-dispensing vending machine. So he made one himself and called it the “George-o-matic,” a special vending machine that dispenses healthy desserts. Apparently it was a hit at the party.

5. Embrace Your Weirdness

George: Not giving a shit since 1939.
George: Not giving a shit since 1939.

One day George woke up and realized he no longer wanted to be a monkey, so he spent all day trying to be other animals. He tried being a pigeon, but found it hard to pick up food; He tried being a dog, but his hands and feet kept getting chafed. But when his apartment elevator broke down, he used his natural monkey abilities to save the day. He fell asleep that night not wanting to be anyone else but himself.

Another day he realized that he wanted a cool hat, just like the one that The Man in the Yellow Hat wears. And so he made one for himself that perfectly fit who he was. (The hat dispenses ice cream and blows bubbles.) George didn’t care how ugly this hat looks. He loves it because it makes him feel good! Look at him. He’s drunk with happiness.

What can we learn from this? George is kind of impulsive. But he’s also pretty cool with being himself and letting his freak flag fly.

6. Indulge

If there’s one common theme in “Curious George,” it’s that George loves him some food. Basically, he kind of eats and does whatever he wants. Some people may call this reckless behavior, but it’s important to set rules aside sometimes just so we can break them. It’s OK – even healthy –to indulge once in awhile, whether it’s dancing all night or wolfing down a plate of Chef Pisghetti’s cannoli with wild abandon.

You know for a fact that George is going to go for those cannoli. We’re sure he’ll do a few sit-ups later to balance it out.

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