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Since its beginning in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slowly expanding. That being said, it's still arguably small compared to that of the comic book universe. Heroes like Iron Man and Captain America all know each other, while other characters such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones are about to get to know each other.

That's fine, but it just shows contained the MCU really is. We got a taste of how large the MCU really is in Guardians of the Galaxy, which took us on a planetary journey across the MCU space, but it's more or less be a small world after all.


All that's about the change, as the day fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! Well, almost anyway. You may have heard the news that Scott Derrickson, the director of the upcoming dark/fantasy film Doctor Strange, revealed that the movie would be the start of the cinematic Marvel Multiverse!

But What Does That Mean?

Image: Marvel Studios
Image: Marvel Studios

The notion that Doctor Strange is going to bring the multiverse to the big screen is HUGE! Why exactly? Well, for a number of reasons. First off, if you don't know what the Marvel multiverse is, it's basically a collection of many different Marvel universes, all with different versions of our favorite heroes existing within them.

In the movies, we've only had the one universe, but it sounds like Doctor Strange will be expanding not only the main MCU, but many other universes as well! Now, it's possible that when Scott Derickson mentioned the Marvel multiverse, he was referring to it in a dimensional way. That is, he could have been referring to the way we perceive our own universe, and that Doctor Strange may be tampering with the dimensional plane.

But before you get less excited for the idea of multiple Marvel universes, there's still a chance. I wrote a theory a while back on what a Marvel multiverse could mean, before it was even announced. Today, I'm going into more detail about a few things that this Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, if that's truly what it is, opens the door for!

New Heroes And Newer Takes On Old Ones!

Image: Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

A cinematic Marvel multiverse means that we'll likely be seeing a ton of different versions of our favorite Marvel heroes. It only makes sense, as it's not only a way to explain why Iron Man looks different when RDJ retires the character (should they recast, which we know they'll eventually have to), but it also gives Marvel a way to show us multiple takes on their iconic characters.

Just imagine, we could see tons of different heroes show up in the multiverse! I talked extensively about Gwen Stacey in my old theory, and now that the cinematic multiverse is a real thing, it just makes sense, given the character's popularity, for Marvel to include her in the films.

And not just Spider-Gwen, but characters such as Miles Morales, Iron Lad, Ms. Marvel, and others could show up! The MCU is only so big after all, and while it's easy to accept that so many heroes exist on the same earth in the comics, it's just ridiculous to assume so for the movies.

After all, there's no way that MCU New York could be home to so many Marvel heroes without them noticing each other at some point. Making a cinematic multiverse means that teams such as the Young Avengers could exist on Earth 2!

Strange Marvel Worlds

Image: Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

There are some Marvel stories we thought we'd probably never see on screen. This is because they're just way too obscure and different to be a part of the MCU. But now that the MCU is becoming the MCM, we don't have to worry about that!

We could see worlds such as the Ultimate Universe and more become a reality on the big screen! Fans have been wanting to see a Marvel Zombies adaption for so long, but it was very unlikely since that wouldn't make sense in the MCU. Now, it's an actual possibility! Just imagine that; seeing a zombified Hulk fight a zombified Thor on the big screen! I'm drooling at the mouth just thinking about it!

A Connection To The Fox Universe?

Image: Marvel Comics
Image: Marvel Comics

So if you haven't been on the internet for a while, you probably haven't heard the rumors that Fox and Marvel are apparently in talks with each other. It's believed by some that the two studios are planning to bury the hatchet and come to a deal similar to the one Sony has with Marvel.

While I for one find it unlikely, the news of this new Marvel Cinematic Multiverse could convince me! A multiverse is the PERFECT way to explain why the X-Men haven't been seen in the MCU as of yet. All Fox and Marvel would have to do is say that the X-Men and the Fantastic Four all exist in a different universe.

The best part? This could potentially mean no recasting! This means that should Fox and Marvel come to a deal, we could see Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds laughing it up as Wolverine and Deadpool alongside the Avengers! We could even see Evan Peters appear as Quicksilver and team up with Scarlet Witch. You know...because she's short one of those...

There you have it, everything I believe the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse could mean! More characters, including alternate versions of existing ones, obscure Marvel worlds like the Marvel Zombieverse (please Marvel!!), and an easy way to connect the FMCU and the MCU!

I suppose we'll see for sure what the new MCM entails in Doctor Strange this November, as well as later in the foreseeable future!

Thanks For Reading! What Are You Hoping To See In The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse?


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