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After the explosive finale of Legends of Tomorrow, the stakes are higher than ever in Season 2 — Rip Hunter has appointed the team to be the guardians of the timeline (because um, they have such a great track record with that?), and it seems as though they'll have their work cut out for them.

The last week has seen plenty of Season 2 spoilers unleashed, so let's recap. The main antagonists will be the Legion of Doom, comprised of Damien Darhk, Malcom Merlyn, the Reverse Flash, and most surprisingly of all, the Waverider's own Leonard Snart, returned from his heroic sacrifice as the villainous Captain Cold.

Well, we say returned, but it seems more likely that this version of Snart is post-Flashpoint — after Barry Allen reset the timeline at the end of The Flash Season 2, it's possible that in this reality Snart never started on his path of redemption. Without Barry to nudge him towards a more moral life, Snart probably wouldn't have joined the Legends on their mission to save the timeline from Vandal Savage. This is sure to plunge the team (Mick especially) into some turmoil, as they're forced to battle someone they care about.

But it looks like Sara's already embarked on her own personal mission of revenge, and the timeline be damned. Check out the White Canary facing off with Damien Darhk in the Season 2 trailer below:

It looks like Sara's vendetta against Damien Darhk will be a driving force of the plot in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, which is a fantastic choice on the part of the showrunners, considering how the latest season of Arrow ended.

Avenging Her Sister

The relationship between Sara and Laurel Lance was an important part of Arrow Seasons 1 and 2, as the two progressed from bitter rivals to fiercely loyal co-heroes. Naturally, Laurel's death sent shockwaves rippling from Arrow into Legends, and as soon as Sara found out she demanded Rip take her back in time so she could save Laurel.

But as Rip told her, this would only result in the deaths of Laurel, Sara, and the rest of Team Arrow. Sara shared a tearful reunion with her father, vowing to fight the good fight in her sister's name — in much the same way Laurel took up the mantle of the Black Canary after Sara died. It was all very poignant, but the story isn't going to end at Laurel's graveside, and we may even see the second Black Canary return.

The Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 trailer showed Sara hunting down Damien Darhk himself, but this seems to take place in the 1940s, meaning Sara is trying to prevent Damien Darhk ever arriving in Star City in 2015.

Sara attacks Darhk in Season 2 [The CW]
Sara attacks Darhk in Season 2 [The CW]

This could have very interesting implications for the team, as Sara seems to breaking away from their mission to protect the timeline: After all, killing Damien Darhk in the '40s would change the course of history in a pretty major way. It seems safe to say that Sara is going off-mission, but what consequences will her little rebellion have? We can't wait to find out.

The Return Of Laurel Lance

We already knew that Laurel's death would have an impact on Legends Season 2 — showrunner Phil Klemmer told IGN as much a few months ago.

"Laurel's death will resonate into Season 2. It just makes it seem so much larger and so much more real when something that happens on Arrow can create ripples that appear on our show. When something momentous happens in one, I think feeling the reverberations makes the universe feel coherent. It makes the universe feel big."

Now that Katie Cassidy has been confirmed as a regular across all of The CW's DC shows, it seems possible that this impact could be more tangible than thematic.

The Black Canaries in 'Arrow' [The CW]
The Black Canaries in 'Arrow' [The CW]

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim did stress during the SDCC panel that the Laurel we know will stay dead, but the door is wide open for her Earth-2 counterpart — the Black Siren — to appear in all the DC shows. Currently the Siren is languishing in the "metahuman Guantanamo Bay" located in S.T.A.R. Labs, but that was in the old timeline. Now that we're immersed in Flashpoint, all bets are off as to how Laurel could return — maybe in this timeline, Laurel didn't die at all!

But it does seem inevitable that she will return, in some form, to reunite with Sara in Legends Season 2. It's uncertain what this means for the crew of the Waverider, and whether Sara will stop her mission of vengeance — or if she'll create her own splinter timeline, in an effort to save her sister. Whatever happens, this is bound to be a really interesting continuation of events, and we can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Do you want Laurel to appear in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2?

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