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For many, high school is supposed to be the time of your life; definitely not a period spent cowering away from various supernatural forces or trying to prevent vicious murders from occurring right on your doorstep.

You've got to admit, the kids of Beacon Hills in Teen Wolf have it pretty rough. So much so, that some students actually die before they ever get the chance to take to the stage at high school graduation. With Season 6 just confirmed and a brand spanking new trailer riding the Comic-Con waves, here's a rundown of some of the character who sadly haven't made it over the seasons:

1. Allison

Allison dies in the arms of her ex Scott
Allison dies in the arms of her ex Scott

When? Season 3, Episode 23

When new girl Allison is fatally stabbed and left to die in Scott's arms as he relentlessly tries to take her pain away with his powers, we all shed a tear at the unfathomably tragedy. Especially when she tells Scott that she still loves him (the two dated once) with her last breath. Sob.

2. Matt

Matt's weakness was always water
Matt's weakness was always water

When? Season 2, Episode 10

Matt never learned how to swim and nearly drowned once in a pool at Isaac's house, becoming the laughing stock of his older brother and the swim team. Years later, possessing control over Jackson, he kills the entire team and most of the police department.

However, he finally meets his end at the hand of Allison's grandpa who drowns him in shallow water.

3. Erica

Erica's body in the show
Erica's body in the show

When? Season 3, Episode 7

Erica has quite a challenging time in Beacon Hills, suffering from epilepsy, gaining weight and getting severe acne. When she is turned into a werewolf by Derek though, things start to look up and she even develops a social life.

Then, everything comes crumbling down again when she is kidnapped and tortured by Deucalion. She finally breaks free and attacks Kali, before she is mercilessly killed.

4. Garrett & Violet

Garrett and Violet in 'Teen Wolf'
Garrett and Violet in 'Teen Wolf'

When? Season 4, Episode 6

Things were never really going to work out for young couple Garrett and Violet from the outset. After meddling with The Benefactor, their reign of terror comes to an end when Garrett is stabbed by a Berserker and Violet is mauled to death by Kate Argent. Unfortunate.

5. Paige

Paige's death in Derek's arms
Paige's death in Derek's arms

When? Season 3, Episode 8

Another heartbreaking death in Teen Wolf is Paige's. After Ennis bites her, her body fails to take it and Derek is forced to slowly break her neck, which in turn transforms his eyes to a permanent blue color.

6. Aiden

Was Aiden a good guy after all?
Was Aiden a good guy after all?

When? Season 3, Episode 24

Following his turn-around in the show, from bad boy to one of the good guys, it was really a shame to see Aiden go. After Derek convinced him to stay and fight in a battle against the Nogitsune, he agreed and was promptly stabbed.

The most heartbreaking of all was that as he was dying in his brother's arms, he wept that Lydia would never know that he was always "good" deep down. Yeah, life's a bitch.

7. Tracy

Tracy's gruesome death in 'Teen Wolf'
Tracy's gruesome death in 'Teen Wolf'

When? Season 5, Episode 20

Poor Tracy! Not only did she suffer from terrible nightmares, but she then went on an uncontrollable killing spree (one of the victims being her own father!).

After being killed by the Dread Doctors, she's the brought back to life, before being manipulated by Theo to kill even more people. He then stabs her with his claws and gains all of her powers.

Who else died before graduation in Teen Wolf?



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