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If you absolutely love movies, you’ve landed in just the right place. At Movie Pilot, we’re bringing together millions of like-minded from around the globe to create a unique fan-powered destination for movies and . From Star Wars fan theories to Stranger Things episode breakdowns – you’ll find it all here. And the best part is that anyone can take an active role in contributing!

So, how does it work? We take the best movie and TV-related articles from – a platform and community where you can read and write about anything you’re passionate about – and share them to an audience of millions of fanatics who are excited to read your work. Sounds pretty cool, right?

We love when great writers flourish on Movie Pilot, and hope you’re as eager to participate as we are to see you in the spotlight!

Getting Your Creators Content on Movie Pilot

Have a look through our homepage and you’ll get an idea of the variety of content we showcase from our incredible Creators – everything from well researched , to breakdowns, to set visit reports. Some are even compiled into our kick-ass , which are digital magazines that contain thought-provoking articles and eye-popping graphics surrounding a specific topic- like these below, for example.

To put it simply, we want to highlight your best possible writing about movies and TV. Got an intricate fan about that last Game of Thrones ? Are you suddenly inspired to write a portrait piece on your favorite actor? Be sure to get those thoughts down on the Canvas (click 'Start Writing' on the Creators homepage). We’ll review it after you hit publish, and if you’ve written something that's quality and relevant to movie nerds around the world, you might end up on the Movie Pilot homepage or shared with our massive audience.

When it comes to movies and TV, Movie Pilot is the stage for your Creators content. We look for unique, shareable and high-quality articles that movie fans want to read. Show us your passion, and don't be afraid to go in-depth! Don't just write the news, but instead aim for original pieces that spark new conversations. If it's been posted on other outlets, it won't be on Movie Pilot! We're all about real fans deep-diving into the topics they love, and sharing that knowledge with a huge audience who is looking to learn something new and engage in a discussion.

The Movie Pilot Experience

At Movie Pilot, we aim to be more than just another publisher in the entertainment world. Our movie fan community is at the center of all that we do, and we want to get your voices heard. As a Creator, you are powering Movie Pilot with your unique perspectives and brilliant content.

Having an article featured on Movie Pilot is only possible through posting on, where the sky is the limit for your content. Here you can write about whatever you're passionate about (not only movies!). Your articles may get promoted on our additional websites Now Loading (), Champions (), or the others soon to come!

And don't forget: A huge part of the Movie Pilot and Creators experience is gaining access to valuable tools that help you create your best work and build an audience.

  • Creators Chat lets you link up with other Creators and get feedback,

  • Creators Academy teaches you the ins and outs of killer writing

  • Verified Creators Program earns you an official “I’m pretty awesome at writing” distinction and guidance from an editor to hone your writing skills.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of these features and offerings, and if you're looking for more information - find out how to make the most of your Creators blog here.

Let’s Get Started.

Being a Creator is a unique way to improve your writing, do something you’re passionate about, and connect with others who share those passions. We’re excited to have you on board with our mission to be the world’s best place for fans to talk about movies.

Now that you’ve got the quick rundown of what to expect, head on over to the Creators Canvas and let your ideas fly!


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