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This weekend — July 31st to be exact — will be Harry Potter's 36th birthday, according to J.K. Rowling's official blog. So it's no surprise that fans all over the world are super excited that this weekend is also the premiere of the West End production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as well as the release of the script book for the exciting eighth story in J.K. Rowling's popular, well-loved magical series. But how will you celebrate Potter's birthday? (Daniel Radcliffe also just had a birthday — the timing could not be better!)

Here's a few wizard themed parties and pure-blood events that should totally inspire you:

1. Manchester Book Store Party

An article on Manchester Evening News (for UK readers) states that: "Major retailers are opening their doors for a night of spooky spells and booming sales as J.K. Rowling's new adventure Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2 goes on sale." There will be a midnight launch party held at Waterstones in Deansgate for the release of the script book, the store stats:

"An exclusive event to celebrate the release of 'The Cursed Child' with plenty of games, activities, and giveaways. Each ticket includes a copy of 'The Cursed Child,' which will be presented at midnight. The person with the best costume will win a copy of the book."

There will also be midnight launch parties at the Waterstones branch in the Arndale, so make sure to turn up in your best Hagrid costume! There will also be book store parties held across the rest of the country (and possibly the world) so make sure to check your local book shop!

Waterstones Edinborough
Waterstones Edinborough

2. Hogwarts Letter Of Acceptance Invitations

An article on Pieces By Polly shows you to make versions of the Hogwarts Acceptance Letters to use as your invitations! They also sell them on their Etsy site, so make sure to buy yours! You'll be the coolest wizard in town, and muggles will envy you and your awesome invitations!

3. 'Mandrake' Cupcakes For Dessert

Make sure to wear your ear muffs when serving these, and don't pull the same disgusted face as Ron did — your guests might not eat them otherwise! These adorable cupcakes were made by a Harry Potter fanatic father and the recipe can be found over on his blog. They're chocolate cupcakes and the creator stated that he used "little plastic babies that [he] hot glued plant tops to their heads." Simple enough, right?

Mandrake Buns by
Mandrake Buns by

4. Hand Out These DIY Wands

An article on Boxycolonial explains how one mother made it her mission to create these awesome looking wands for her son's party! She lists that all you need is;

  • 15″ bamboo cooking chopsticks
  • Assorted colors of brown acrylic paint
  • foam brushes
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • glossy spray sealant

Why don't you try it for yourself! And see how many of these wands you can recognize in this awesome quiz.

5. Become A Wizard With Color-Changing Drinks

Impress the muggles and wow the pure-bloods with this awesome trick that an article on Tikkido explains. They list that you need:

  • clear cups (plastic or glass)
  • food coloring
  • ice
  • clear liquid (we used Sprite)
  • a sign describing what each color predicts.

All you need to do is smudge food coloring on the bottoms of the cups, cover with ice and when you pour Sprite (or any other clear drink) into the cup — hey presto! Magical color-changing drinks!

6. Get Crunk On Delicious DIY Butterbeer

Youtuber Rosanna Pansino blessed us all with her tutorial on how to make Butterbeer milkshakes for her "Nerdy Nummies" series, so stock up on butter scotch because it's about to get tasty!

7. Recreate The Magic Of The Great Hall

From an article on Chicaandjo, the creator explains how they made the floating candles by hanging Darice LED white candles from the ceiling with clear push pins and fishing line. They used different sizes and varied the height to create a mystical appearance. The rest of the room is explained on the blog, so you can recreate the magic too!

8. Real-Life Fever Fudge To (Not Really) Disgust Your Guests

Youtube channel Let's Eat Fiction! shows us how to recreate a much tastier version of Fred and George's Fever Fudge! The recipe includes lots of funky food coloring to really sell the fictional delight! Watch how you make it here;

9. Smash The Evil Out Of A Dementor Piñata

An article on Jonesing2create explains how to make your own Dementor Piñata for only $3! So make sure you grab a bat and take all of your wizarding rage out on these pesky, evil creatures! The creator states:

We did this class as a group because it was the piñata. I made a Dementor (or Boggart pretending to be a Dementor) piñata for the kids to hit with a large magic wand (a.k.a. baseball bat).

10. Send Guests Home In Style...

..but they're not going home, not really (5 points to me). These cute gifts bags are the best way to send any budding wizard guest home in style. You can buy them here!

So, now you must be totally prepared to crack open a few butterbeers and help celebrate Potter's 34th birthday in true wizard style! Cheers!


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