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Rebecca Pinilla

Television programs inspired by the horror genre have been popping up a great deal in recent times and rapidly becoming popular among audiences. From FX’s The Strain to Netflix’s Scream, viewers tune into their television sets or feast their eyes onto the stream that is playing on their laptops to get their horror fix.

As an avid horror fan, I am always on the lookout for new programs to watch and am always keen to test new shows out. So when I stumbled upon Chiller’s original series, Slasher after I logged into my Netflix Australia account, I knew I had to watch it.

The series is about a masked killer who is terrorizing the small American town of Waterbury. A young woman named Sarah Bennett moves into town with her husband to start a new chapter in their lives. But there’s one not so little detail that tells you that it isn’t going to be smooth sailing. That is that Waterbury is also her hometown, where years ago — on Halloween night — her father and mother (who at the time, was heavily pregnant with her), were brutally murdered by a leather-wearing killer named "The Executioner." He chose to spare Sarah by cutting her out of her mother’s womb via a machete. Pretty heavy, right? To add to the whole ordeal, she moves into the very same house the murder took place.

Now that she's back, she wants to finally put the past behind and live a normal, calm life, but someone seems pretty reluctant on letting that happen, and would rather the town relive the murderous nightmare that shook it to its core. And with the original Executioner in prison, a newly appointed Executioner steps in and begins a new neighborhood terror not long after Sarah steps foot into Waterbury.

What I love the most about the series are the creative murders, which center around the seven deadly sins — lust, greed, pride, envy, sloth, wrath and gluttony. It gives the series a very Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman Se7en-like touch. Without giving anything away, I will just say if you love your horror gore, then you will be in for a real gory treat while watching this.

As well as having similarities to Se7en, Slasher also takes notes out of the ever-so-popular Silence of the Lambs when Sarah decides to work with the murderer of her parents, the original Executioner, Tom Winston, to solve the mystery behind the town’s new murders and get answers. There is also an evident Wes Craven's Scream feel and to the show. Sarah resembles Sidney Prescott in more ways than one and the copy-cat killer angle largely unfolding in a similar fashion as the '90s slasher classic makes the inspiration clear. In saying that, the series plucks inspiration from other various horrors, one of them being Friday the 13th with the deaths being just as intriguing and machete-fueled to watch unfold.

Slasher, while being great at demanding attention, building tension and bringing the gory mayhem when the killer is executing the cold killings, lacks the same effect when the killer is off screen. The series often falls into a lot of horror movie clichés, and overall superficial soapiness. When the Executioner isn’t out to play it can lack dramatic depth and fall short on getting plot lines across.

It isn’t a masterpiece, but I don’t think it was ever meant to be. It is overall an entertaining addition to the slasher genre, so give it a watch if you like townsfolk with buried secrets, series with some nice plot twists, and a good dose of executioner-style slashings.

Slasher is available now! What did you think of the TV horror?


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