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Once Upon a Time has brought us many incredible plot lines over the years, from the well known enchanted forest to the great and powerful Oz itself. Whether it's a roguish pirate like Hook or a daring warrior like Merida, each season brings new characters for us to fall in love with. Season 6 won't be an exception. With teasers and hints being released at the San Diego Comic Con, fans are left wondering where this upcoming season of ABC's hit fairy tale show could be taking us next. Who will be the villain? What is the greatest challenge that our heroes will be facing this season? Here are just a seven of the endless possibilities for the future of TV'S favorite fairy tale show.

1. Aladdin Is Coming To Save Us!

This is actually confirmed! We know that Aladdin and Jafar will be players in Season 6, but how important will they be? There is a lot of potential with both characters, though it's unclear whether or not their story will be intertwined with those in Storybrooke. In the clip, it shows that Jafar and Aladdin reside in an entirely different world but I hope it doesn't stay that way.

If these characters are to meet, what will that mean for Emma? Emma is the savior for Storybrooke/ the Enchanted Forest, but in this clip we also hear Aladdin referred to as the savior. Does every story/land have its own savior? Will there be tension between the two of them, or will they work together to preserve peace? Personally, I'm hoping that the two will have to team up. Having these large plots completely separate from each other are less likely to work, as we aren't invested in these new characters yet.

2. The Evil Queen Is Without Conscience!

Season 5 ended with Regina being split in two. The Evil Queen is now a separate entity from herself. Regina is still going to be sassy, but the Evil Queen does not have the good streak that Regina does. The Evil Queen is now pure evil. This is both terrifying and exciting as there is nothing to hold her back from reaching the full extent of her power. She's one of the most powerful magical beings on television and seeing her without a conscience is going to be incredible. While Regina may be on good terms with both Snow and Emma, the Evil Queen is far from done with either of them. It may be that even Emma can't stop her. If this is the case, it would make sense for Aladdin to come into play and help destroy the Evil Queen.

At Comic Con, Jennifer Morrison pointed out that this is going to be a very introspective season. Regina literally has to deal with her other self, but everyone has the potential for both good and evil. Seeing Regina face her own dark nature stirs up questions in the other characters. They'll be forced to confront their true selves and what they are capable of.

3. Regina And Zelena Could Work Together

Thanks to Cora finally owning up to her mistakes, the two sisters are now inseparable. In this difficult time, they are leaning on each other for support. Zelena has lost the father of her child and Regina has lost the love of her life. Now that Regina must battle her evil other half, she's going to need all of the support that she can get. Zelena is incredibly powerful, and if they work together they might be able to bring the Evil Queen down. Their sisterly bond has never been stronger and while many think they could become enemies again, I believe it would take a huge plot twist to tear these two apart now.

4. How Mr Hyde Comes Into Play

When we left off, Mr Hyde was in Storybrooke and wanted to take over the town. It's unlikely that the heroes will let him do so easily but as he isn't their only problem, it could happen. He could be teaming up with the Evil Queen, but in order to do so he would need to prove to her that he is worthy. In all honestly, the heroes may not even need to deal with Hyde. It could be that in her rage, the Evil Queen takes care of him herself. I can't see him being a major villain in this season as it is already so packed.

5. Belle Is In A Box!

We left with Belle trapped in a box, pregnant with Rumple's child. Rumor has it that we'll be learning more about Belle's past, present, and future during her entrapped time. The whole dynamic between her and Rumple is going to be very different this season. This is the first time that she has finally admitted to herself that Rumple is never going to change, and that part of what draws him to her is the fact that he's bad. He's also admitting to her that he can't change. Their relationship is very rocky at the moment but I think that the child could help bring them closer together. If anything will soften Rumple's heart, it's their baby.

6. Henry Could Be A Major Hero This Season

Henry is now the Author and has realized his true potential. He is easily one of the most powerful characters on the show, though you wouldn't know it because he doesn't use his power. Now that he has discovered how to use it for good, my hope is that he'll take on a larger role this season. He was an important character in Season 1 but he's been in the backseat since. I think his relationship with Violet will give him some more screen time, but I hope he is able to play a key role among the heroes! His power is so strong, and if the writers take advantage of it, he could easily save the heroes from a sticky situation. However, I don't know how likely this is. Unfortunately, Henry is a character that's often forgotten about and left out. I hope that changes this season, but there's a good chance it won't.

7. Is Robin Hooding Returning?

We experienced one of the most heartbreaking moments last season when Robin Hood left the show. However, as Hook returned and Giles Matthey has been cast as a Greek God, fans are hopeful that we'll be seeing Robin return. I wouldn't get your hopes up too high. Matthey will be playing Morpheus, the God of Dreams and, most likely, he will be guiding Belle through her time trapped in the box. Whether he will interact with other characters is uncertain, though I believe it would have to be through magic if he did. Either way, I believe we've said our final goodbye to Robin Hood.

Bonus: Star Wars To Join Once Upon A Time!?

Yes, this is a theory! I believe it stemmed because Once Upon a Time is no newbie when it comes to pop culture. It has taken on some large and popular stories, such as Frozen and Brave. Some speculate that Star Wars will be next, but this is one that I think we can safely rule out. While their universe is a large and expansive one, a galaxy far, far away doesn't quite fit into it. Not yet, anyway!

From Aladdin to RumBelle, there is a lot to look forward to in Season 6. What are you most excited for? Let me know down in the comments!


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