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A mini-documentary about nothing.
A mini-documentary about nothing.

105 points. Nearly 100 questions. One night to prove you’re the ultimate "Seinfeld" super fan.

Many make the claim that they’re the number one fan of the iconic 90s sitcom about nothing. But how do you truly prove that? Decorating every inch of your apartment with memorabilia? Decorating every inch of your body with tattoos?

All helpful gestures, but the true proof of your fandom is knowing the extreme minutia of every single character in every single episode, and pitting that knowledge against 100+ other people. What is George’s apartment number? What number/letter combo does Jerry use to sink Elaine’s battleship? Where does Kramer watch the sun come after partying all night?

The subjects of “They’re Real & They’re Spectacular” know all of the above and more (or so they hope!). In this mini-documentary, a camera crew follows three teams as they go head to head with other "Seinfeld" nerds at The Summer of George, one of NYC’s biggest "Seinfeld" trivia nights.


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