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Suicide Squad is upon us. The supervillain team-up film will be making its way to the silver screen next Friday, and the anticipation for the blockbuster is at an all time high. Though the film is just a few days away, there is much on Suicide Squad that moviegoers have yet to uncover. One of the film's mysterious aspects surrounds the notorious arch nemesis of Batman: The Joker. Since the film was announced, and details began to emerge, many have wonder about this latest incarnation of the Joker and what role he plays in Suicide Squad, not to mention the DC Extended Universe as a whole. However a rumor has circled the web and it pertains the true identity of the new cinematic Joker.

The rumor speculates that the DC Extended Universe's Joker is in fact Jason Todd. As fans know Jason Todd was the second character to take up the mantle of Robin — that was until Joker killed Todd in the famed story Death in the Family. Since then, the character has played a major role in DC Comics after Jason Todd was resurrected and became the antihero known as The Red Hood. Jason Todd making his way to the DC Extended Universe seems to be inevitable, but could the former Robin truly be the Clown Prince of Crime? Director David Ayer finally talks about the rumor and seemingly puts the speculation to rest (Go to 2:39 for David Ayer's Interview).

According to David Ayer's answer, Suicide Squad's Joker is not Jason Todd. If this detail is in fact true then I cannot help but feel a sense of relief. While the idea of Jason Todd being the Joker would have been interesting, the fact of the matter is that this development would have been problematic. Not only would this move affect the Joker's character, but it also messes with the direction of the likes of Harley Quinn. If Todd turned out to be the Joker, would that mean that he created Harley Quinn? If that is not the case then would Harley act differently towards Joker Todd?

Another issue would be details that centers around Batman. Jason Todd being Joker would effect Batman's character, but seeing that the Dark Knight's role in Suicide Squad looks to be a minor one, this reveal would not be necessary until the next Batman solo film.

Yet the biggest conflict this twist presents is how it would affect the mystery that is the Joker. For years the Joker's identity has been a mystery and this trait has been reflected in several Batman mediums, although the character did have an identity in the 1989 film. Jason Todd being the DCEU Joker would be a different move from past cinematic incarnation of the supervillain, but this take on Joker is already unique regardless of his identity. Not only does this clown prince of crime have a outlandish look, but it is quite likely that this character will appear in multiple movies, thus giving the studio plenty of opportunities to develop The Joker. By having Jason Todd as The Joker it not only takes away from one of the character's most intriguing traits, but it would come off as unnecessary especially when looking at the concept behind Suicide Squad.

Ayer could very well be misleading viewers to keep details on Joker a secret, so it is still possible for this rumor to end up being true. Then again, the director's blunt answer could easily put speculation to rest. If David Ayer's comment ends up being true and Joker is not Jason Todd , then I feel that it is for the best. This rumor would have made for an intriguing development and (for all we know) could have worked in context of Suicide Squad. However this revelation suffers from not just affecting characters' directions, but also come off as a plot twist that is only there for shock value. It seems clear that The Joker has a big role to play in the DC Extended Universe, and by keeping the character close to his roots it will actually help to give filmmakers creative freedom to keep Joker's reign of crime going in future films. Not only would this direction benefit the supervillain, but it would also help the Red Hood by allowing creators to have an opportunity to develop an authentic take on Jason Todd for the silver screen.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5th.

What do you think of the Jason Todd as The Joker rumor?


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