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With every studio building their own cinematic universe, it seems like every superhero film is getting a sequel nowadays. However, there’re a few special cases where sequels were going to be produced but were "canned" for various reasons. There are a lot of superhero sequels we almost got, so here we’re going to look at the top five superhero sequels that should’ve been made.

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5. Fantastic Four 3

OK, this choice is mostly based on opinion. I know a lot of people didn’t like the first two Fantastic Four films, but personally I thought they were fun and worth watching. Apparently, there were plans to make a third film following Rise of the Silver Surfer with the original cast and Tim Story in the director’s chair.

From what little info there is the film would’ve focused more on the Thing’s relationship with Alicia Masters and possibly may’ve featured the Black Panther. As cheesy and as silly as the first two films were, it would’ve been great to see the cast together one last time, especially with their chemistry. Unfortunately, due to Silver Surfer’s poor performance at the box office, no script was produced.

4. Spider-Man 4

Despite the mediocre Spider-Man 3, the fourth film that was planned might have redeemed the series. It could have finally shown Dr. Curt Connors transform into the lizard, as well as other possible villains, such as Mysterio and the Vulture (who could have been played by John Malkovich!)

Arguably an overdose of villains was what spoiled Spider-Man 3. If the film was made with as many villains as suggested it could’ve suffered a similar fate. However, it would’ve been totally worth it just to see Dr. Connors turn into the lizard, an event all three films were leading up to. Now that Spider-Man 4 was cancelled due to development hell, it's sad to watch the trilogy and see Dr. Connors, aware of the potential that was never fulfilled.

3. Burton’s Batman Forever

Wouldn’t it have been fantastic to see more of Burton’s Gotham? And his gritty, empathetic interpretations of Batman’s greatest villains? Well in the early '90s, following Batman Returns, Burton almost got a third installment. Nothing was set in stone, but there were a lot of ideas.

Apparently Catwoman would be in the film, which would’ve been a great opportunity to expand on her and Batman’s relationship set up in Returns. There were also rumors that the Riddler might’ve been played by Robin Williams. I have to admit, this could’ve been a hit or miss, but Williams’s track record has shown he can play serious and sinister characters.

Due to the mixed reaction to Batman Returns, Burton was let go from the production. Following his exit, Michael Keaton left, causing Batman Forever to turn into a completely standalone Batman film.

2. Dredd 2

Very much like Burton’s Gotham, it would be fantastic to see more of Mega City One. Especially considering how small scale and open-ended the Dredd film is. Considering the fan’s vocal demands for a sequel I don’t think there’s a lot I can say that hasn’t already been said.

The 2000 AD Judge Dredd comics offer encyclopedic possibilities for a sequel. There’re so many places and battles and villains Urban’s Dredd could come up against. Fortunately, there’s been talk of a TV series for Netflix or Amazon so there is hope! Plus, who wouldn't want to hear more lines like this:

1. Hellboy 3

It’s clear from the first two films that the Hellboy series is supposed to be a trilogy. The ending of Hellboy 2 leaves many loose ends that are clearly meant to be tied up in the next installment. Hellboy leaving the Bureau and discovering he’s going to be a father would contribute to a great story for a third film.

On top of that, Guillermo Del Toro is an incredible director and his Hellboy films really display his talent in visual and creature design. It would be wonderful to see him return to that world again.

So those are the five superhero sequels that should’ve happened but didn’t (at the moment at least). Which one do you think should get made? Are there any other superhero films that could do with a sequel? Let me know in the comments below!


Which Superhero sequel would you most like to see?

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