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This week marks a milestone in Disney Animation history: The 65th anniversary of their original adaptation of Lewis Carroll's fanciful literary masterpiece, Alice In Wonderland. While there have been multiple adaptations of Carroll's work, the classic Disney film has firmly cemented itself as a staple in the hearts of true Disney afficionados for the past six and a half decades.

To celebrate that achievement, join me as a I take a stroll through the many untapped wonders of Wonderland and learn six (or more) impossible things before breakfast.

6. Maybe Not Exactly Princess Material, But A Princess Nonetheless

Although Alice will never officially hold the title of Princess or Your Majesty alongside her fellow leading ladies, she's always featured prominently alongside them in promotional material, marketing, and novelizations. In the Square Enix/Disney collaboration, Kingdom Hearts, Alice plays a pivotal role as one of the seven Princesses of Heart. To earn that status, one must be pure of heart and properly attuned with the light. So, even without a regal man to call her own, Alice carries a title of the highest regard - decades before Queen Elsa.

5. What Are You Late For, Exactly?

The White Rabbit is, of course, best remembered for uttering the line "I'm late, I'm late!" but it is never once clarified to what event, date or activity he is actually late for. I think he's just not a people person.

4. Where Did You Come From?

Of all the intriguing characters that appear in Disney's adaptation, the anthropomorphic Doorknob is the only original character that was created solely for the film. He doesn't appear in either Alice In Wonderland or Through The Looking Glass novels.

3. Kathryn Beaumont Is A Multi-Movie Disney Legend

The wonderful woman behind the voice of Disney's beloved little angel, Kathryn Beaumont, also lent her voice to a few other popular Disney properties. You may recognize her as the voice of Wendy Darling in Disney's animated Peter Pan. She later reprised both roles in the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

2. It Wasn't An Immediate Success

When Alice In Wonderland was released in 1951, it was considered, by all accounts, to be a complete failure. It was a strange, trippy film that felt out of place in the early '50s, and the box office returns reflected that. But in the many years that have followed, the film has broken through that initial slump to become a beloved cult-classic.

1. A Story That Will Never Ever Die

Since their first printings, Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass have never been out of print. The books reportedly sold out within seven weeks of their initial release and continue to place themselves among shelves of book lovers all over the world, and more with every new generation that places a tender grip on the crisp new pages of this classic children's tale.

Do you have any interesting facts to add about Disney's Alice in Wonderland? Share them with me in the comments section below!


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