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Ever since Ben Affleck was announced to donned the cape and cowl in Batman v Superman, there was a obvious choice to make the new designed bat-suit more like the comics. Flexible, intimidating and believable as the attire of a war weathered vigilante veteran, the new bat-suit would also feature, for the first time ever, the iconic black and grey.

The costume designed by Michael Wilkinson was a huge achievement, especially the new cowl that fixed lots of previous issues.

For the first Batman can turn his head in a solid appearing cowl, and no one even knows exactly how. The function of the cowl in particular has been kept a secret, but all we know is it looks great onscreen.

So What's Changed For Justice League?

Quite a bit has changed, including the cowl, torso and armor. Everything looks awesome...But remember that neck turn in the Dawn Of Justice cowl?

Back To The Bat-Turn

With an unfortunate studio change for costuming in Justice League, it looks as though Ben Affleck is now in the shoes of past Batman actors, who've all had to shift their shoulders to look around. How will this factor into Batman's fight scenes? Not well I can imagine. But hey, maybe I'm wrong and Batman will be flipping around kicking the crap out of injustice come November 17, 2017 when Justice League hits the big screen.

Like The New Bat-Suit? Or Are You Shaking Your Head Because Batman Can't?


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