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The new Doctor Strange trailer released at Comic-Con showed many new things about the movie. It showed some of the final battle, some more awesome effects, and that amazing cape flip. But, what if it showed the Avengers actually making a cameo in the trailer? Get ready for some more mind-blowing stuff from Doctor Strange!

New York City

I feel bad for those cars... (Credit: Marvel)
I feel bad for those cars... (Credit: Marvel)

As many know, the Avengers Tower is in New York City. So, obviously, we should look in the scenes that are set in New York City (I don't think I see Tony Stark showing up in the Mountains of Tibet anytime soon)! As you can see above, this fight is also in New York. Does this count as a cameo? Absolutely not. I could easily just say Tony Stark is in one of those cars, but there is absolutely no proof. Is there actually definite proof that the Avengers are in one of these scenes? Yes. And it's right here.

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City Skyline

Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel

In this scene, there are a bunch of buildings about to get sucked in a hole. This scene is again set in New York, so they could likely be in one of these buildings. Take a closer look. Try to find something. It's there.

Avengers Tower

Avengers Tower (Credit: Marvel)
Avengers Tower (Credit: Marvel)

Yes, that is Avengers Tower. This means that not only are the Avengers seeing this happening, but they are getting sucked into that hole as well. This means that it affected them and they will likely see what Doctor Strange does to save the city.

It's kind of cool that they connected these movies this way, right? This could set up Doctor Strange's future involvement during Infinity War. It doesn't exactly count as a full cameo, but it's still pretty cool. But, it begs the question if the Avengers might make a small cameo — I think it's possible!

I want to hear what you guys think. Do you think there's any way that the Avengers might actually make a cameo?


Do you think an Avenger could appear in Doctor Strange?


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