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Let me start out by saying if you haven't watched Arrow's Season 5 trailer that dropped at San Diego Comic-Con, it's a must see. I've posted it below because I'm helpful that way:

Season 5 already looks good doesn't it? And we still have two more full months to go before the October 5th debut. That said, let's break this trailer down and see where Season 5 is leading us. I've left out the most obvious points like Oliver's flashbacks to Russia and the recap of Season 4.

6. We Now Know What Laurel's Legacy Will Be

When Laurel Lance died in Eleven Fifty-Nine, she elicited a promise from Oliver we didn't get to see onscreen. But now we see that Laurel doesn't want Oliver to "go it alone" anymore. She knew he was fighting a battle he couldn't win alone. And that explains the Legacy title. A part of Oliver's mission will obviously be living up to the promise he gave her, thus keeping Laurel's legacy alive.

5. Season 5 Isn't Going To Be As Familiar As All The Other Seasons

For the past four seasons, we've relied on seeing the characters, knowing the team will be fighting together to save the city. This season shows a fractured original team and the building of a new one. Just as Oliver had to train Roy Harper, he will be training new recruits. I enjoyed those training scenes so seeing Oliver in a teaching role again should be interesting.

Slashfilm spoke to Wendy Mericle, Arrow's producer, at San Diego Comic-Con, and she offer more details about the direction of Season 5:

“He’s [Oliver] going to still be in the mayor’s office but the city’s going to be in a slightly different state. We’re not going to have any sort of terrorist attacks or anything happening this season but as a result of what happened with Damien Darhk and the general decline of Star City, we’re going to have a lot of criminals. There’s going to be a huge mob element and this is all in the spirit of going back to basics, a little bit answering to Season 1. So it’ll be more villains of the week, more hand-to-hand, going back to gritty crime of the week type things. Oliver will be a big part of that.”

Sound like a season you remember?

4. Curtis Holt Undergoes A Possible Trauma Of His Own

In the trailer, Curtis tells Oliver that he doesn't want to ever feel helpless again, hinting at a dark time for him when he couldn't help someone he loved. This could have something to do with his husband. Could it be the devastation I talked about here? Whatever the reason for Curtis's desire to start working with Team Arrow, this takes him one step closer to becoming Mr. Terrific. Oh, and that it's going to take him some time to master that salmon ladder.

3. Oliver Comes Full Circle

When Oliver was stranded on Lian Yu, he had to be taught how to survive. It took him five years to become the fighter he is today. Now, he's going to be breaking these recruits down only to build them back up — and it's going to be awesome!

He's been a leader. A hero. A guiding force. But has he ever inspired an entire team of new vigilantes? Ones that he has taken under his wing? Maybe we could say that about Roy Harper, but this looks more like a training camp, and I can see these recruits looking up to Oliver as he molds them into heroes of their own.

2. Speedy's Return May Be Temporary

Though we see Thea in the Speedy outfit, it's still quite clear she doesn't want to be in the mask-wearing business. Perhaps Oliver's new team is her way out.

1. We Don't Get A Lot Of Information Regarding Diggle

This concerns me. We only catch a brief glimpse of him, and he looks a lot different than the man who left, making me wonder if his crucible has erased the superhero he used to be.

The trailer has me excited for Season 5, but I hope Team Arrow isn't completely gone.

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