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It's been a while now since British comedian James Corden started milling around in his car, picking up top celebrities for a brief singalong in the wildly successful segment of his late show.

Indeed, since Carpool Karaoke began on The Late Late Show With James Cordon, it has become an entertainment staple, and now it's revving up its engines to become even bigger and bolder.

News on the block is that Carpool Karaoke is getting its own 16-episode weekly spin-off series and will feature on Apple Music. A host is yet to be announced (no, unfortunately it will no longer see Corden belting out tunes in the driver's seat) with the show essentially following a similar transition to that of equally popular Lip Sync Battle, spearheaded by Chrissy Teigen. You might remember that the segment used to feature on The Tonight Show before being allocated its own, fully-fledged spot on Spike last year.

And while we wait to digest all of this exciting news, why not celebrate by delving back into the celebrity gems gifted to us by Carpool Karaoke over the past months. Here are the phenomenon's top five celebrity appearances, in no particular order:

1. Adele

We always knew things were going to get crazy when James picked up his mate Adele while back in London last January. Starting off with "Hello," they move on to Nicki Minaj's "Monster," but not before making casual chat about tea, weaves and getting trashed at parties.

2. Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo joins J.Co to belt out some of her most popular tracks, before he takes her phone to send a sneaky SMS to good pal Leonardo DiCaprio, asking him about his plans that night. Best bit? Leo's reply:

“You mean tonight, boo-boo, clubwise?”


3. Michelle Obama

James Cordon recently got a very special tour of the White House with the First Lady herself, who smashed out some bangin' "Single Ladies" vocals to rival Beyoncé's hit. Oh, and then Missy Elliot popped up in the backseat and it was everything and more.

4. Justin Bieber

They serenade each other with "Baby," chomp on McDonald's fries straight out of the greasy bag, swap shirts and chat about kissing girls, before Bieber succumbs to the ultimate test — a Rubik's cube.

5. Mariah Carey

Queen Mimi starts off by saying she's "not singing today," before plunging right into the doo doo doos of "Always Be My Baby." Combined with her adorable attempts at a British accent, this is 100 percent one of the best Carpool Karaoke moments out there.

What is your favorite Carpool Karaoke appearance?


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