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It may come as no surprise that a harem of Harley Quinn cosplayers cartwheeled their way into San Diego Comic Con last week. After all, the PG-13 rated Suicide Squad is is set to storm theatres in just a matter of days and DC already planned to pull out all the stops with a strong presence at SDCC this year, constructing a replica of Belle Reve prison to coincide with the release of the final trailer.

What convention fans probably didn't expect though is that Tara Strong — the voice actress who plays Quinn in both the Arkham and Injustice video games — would also hit SDCC, secretly disguised as none other than the Cupid of Crime herself.

While Comic Con attendees were navigating the various panels and general lack of deodorant in the halls, Strong was secretly somersaulting her way through the convention, posing with fans who were completely none the wiser about the voice actress's true identity.

Tara's not the only celebrity who decided to cosplay as Harley Quinn at SDCC — Arrow's John Barrowman also took a crack at the Clown Princess of Crime with a hilarious take on Harley's classic outfit from the animated series, where she made her debut.

[Via Twitter]
[Via Twitter]

It's not just the celebrities who idolise Harley Quinn though. Long before Margot Robbie trained to perform her own stunts on the set of Suicide Squad, a number of cosplayers met annually at the SDCC for an event that became known as Harleypalooza, where the group would gather as many Harleys as possible to take photos that celebrated the Cupid of Crime.

Harleypalooza began to gain popularity once Quinn's profile was raised by the Arkham games and her New 52 comic book series, predating David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie by a number of years. Now, even more fans of all ages and sizes are joining in on the fun.

Some of the Harley Quinn cosplayers in attendance this year were inspired by Margot Robbie's look in the upcoming film, bringing their own bats into the convention, which had to be subsequently screened by security.

If anyone was worried that Harley would be left stranded at SDCC without her fellow teammates, fear not. Suicide Squad's very own Katana also swung by to lend a hand.

Despite Warner Bros. recently confirming a solo Harley Quinn movie is on the cards, it's hard to imagine the Cupid of Crime straying from her puddin' for long, which is why a number of the Harleys who showed up at SDCC also had the Joker in tow.

Few could have predicted that Harley Quinn is a Hilary Clinton supporter though.

Just in case Harley's male fans were feeling left out, a few guys rocked up in Quinn's outfit too, complete with some cleavage. Harley's sexuality has always been rather fluid in the comics, so it's understandable that male fans have also found ways to relate to the Clown Princess of Crime.

Even though it looks like Harley may betray her teammates in the upcoming ensemble Suicide Squad, fans are still keen to emulate the Joker's other half in any way they can. For inspiration, read about some more awesome examples of Harley cosplay here and check out how to recreate Quinn's look in the video tutorial below.

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