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While there was plenty to talk about at this year's Comic-Con — from Marvel, to Wonder Woman, to Star Trek Beyond — it looks like nothing was more buzz-worthy than DC's much anticipated summer hit, Suicide Squad!

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Suicide Squad trailer that dropped at SDCC:

The internet wizards over at ListenFirst Media conducted a study that measured the interest in all the films and shows discussed at Comic-Con, both before and after the event. Counting up views from hashtag mentions (not including Twitter) and Wikipedia page views, they were able to figure out just what the internet was talking about and how much. In first place? Suicide Squad, with a score of 342,515 mentions/views from July 15 – July 19, with a jump to 548,092 from July 20 – 24. In second place was Star Trek: Beyond, followed by Wonder Woman.

In honor of the most talked about movie of the summer, let's look around and see what exactly people have been saying about Suicide Squad on social media:

Live From Comic-Con:

Awesome Fan Art

The New Harley Quinn Cosplay

Comic Book Locks

Lady J

Even the cast and crew can't stop talking about it:

How stoked are you for Suicide Squad?????????

[Source: Variety]


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