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If you don't follow Vin Diesel on Facebook, you should. Once in a while, he goes live and starts dropping gems like he did just nine hours ago:

That's right, folks. Vin Diesel climbed into a golf cart with Michelle Rodriguez, gave us a first-hand tour of the "art" they collected on the studio lot (a.k.a. lots and lots of crashed up cars they've accumulated over the years), THEN he spilled the beans that the trailer for Fast 8 will debut in Time Square in NYC on December 11! Mark your calendars!

It's a big deal for Vin and Michelle, and everyone else in the Fast Fam that hails from the East Coast. They're all overjoyed to have such an important event happen back on their home turf.

Dom & Letty
Dom & Letty

As he leads into the video, Vin tries to get the viewers to guess who it is sitting next to him in the golf cart:

"Come on, guys! It's so easy! Who's the one that's always motivated Dom? What woman has known Dom the best?"

It's Michelle Rodriguez, of course! Then he goes on to say some adorable stuff about how they've protected the integrity of their relationship over the years:

"I know a lot of you say your favorite Hollywood couple is Dom and Letty. When we hear stuff like that, it motivates us! It makes us fight everyone! The studio, everyone involved. We fight everyone to protect it."

Dom & Letty
Dom & Letty

Awww! And we love you more for it, guys! <3

Later in the video, they pick up Roland, a friend who's worked behind the scenes on the Fast movies since the very beginning in 2009. The three of them reminisce about the early days and Paul Walker, and just when it gets almost too nostalgic to handle, Vin signs off.

Source: Vin Diesel via Facebook
Source: Vin Diesel via Facebook

You can watch the whole video right here, and of course, don't forget that Fast 8 will come out on April 14!

Will you be watching Fast 8?


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