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There's only one hero who's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to destroy a god-like villains with Spirit Bombs. Of course, I'm talking about none other than Goku from the Dragonball franchise. The legendary Saiyan warrior is known as one the most powerful fictional character around, with an impressive power set that includes super speed, super strength, flight, and crazy energy blasting abilities.

Goku has beaten villains that have defeated the universe's greatest warriors. Goku has beaten androids, genetically altered beings, and even guys who dedicated their entire lives to his defeat. And one by one, Goku has defeate them all.

His incredible powers even rival some of the best from the world of comic books. But there are a handful of characters that could actually give the mighty fighter a run for his money. In my opinion, some of the best heroes and villains of all time come from Marvel's X-Men comics, and some of them could actually surpass Goku's power level. So, here are some X-Men that could whoop Goku in battle.

1. Professor Xavier

Professor X gets ready for battle.
Professor X gets ready for battle.

Let's get the easy fight out of the way. Goku is super fast and can teleport, but that requires some serious concentration. Before Goku thinks to attack, Charles Xavier could shut him down with a telepathic strike. Xavier could even take control of Goku's body and have his mind shut down before he knew what was going on. While the good professor may practice being a pacifist, that does not mean he's unable to fight.

During the Marvel Comics Avengers VS X-Men series, Xavier was charged with getting inside Cyclops's head to keep him contained. Normally an easy keep for someone as strong as Xavier, but Scott was possessed by the omnipotent Phoenix Force. But Xavier was still able to kept Cyclops contained.

Sure, Xavier was — SPOILER ALERT — killed by Cyclops when it was all said and done But here's the most important thing — when Xavier told a force that can destroy planets to sit down, it sat down.

2. Iceman

When people think of Iceman, they are under the perception that all he does is make ice, but that's a basic way of describing his powers. Iceman is an Omega Level mutant, meaning his abilities are some of the most powerful in the X-Men universe.

Not only can he freeze over his own body and create ice projectiles, but he can freeze the liquid in a person's body. And if that happens to Goku, the fight is over. Also, while Iceman is in ice form, he can put himself back together with the moisture in the air or the water from another person's body, which he's done in the past.

Iceman can theoretically freeze the entire planet. I'm sure he wouldn't have any issue freezing Goku's insides. The only chance Goku has is getting to Iceman before he can ice up.

3. Proteus

Proteus is one of those villains that I'm shocked has actually ever lost in battle. How do you fight a guy who can literally warp reality around him? Not even the X-Men had an answer when they first fought him. Never before or even after have the X-Men battled someone who could neutralize all of their powers so effortlessly.

The X-Men were lucky he didn't get a chance to really explore his powers further. Proteus eventually became so good with his powers that in Marvel Comics's Exiles series he found a way to travel from dimension to dimension. Proteus's hubris is the only thing that leads to his defeat. But the second Goku gets within reach of his powers the fight is over. Even Goku's famous kamehameha is something the nefarious mutant could turn into flowers like he did Cyclops's optic blast. And things would get even more dangerous if Proteus decided to take over Goku's body.

4. Scarlet Witch

Once upon a time, all Scarlet Witch could do was cause things do go wrong for other people. Now she is one of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics. Her reality-altering "chaos magic" is such a force that even Dr. Strange couldn't stop her from taking reality and molding it in her and her brother's image in the Marvel's "House of M" storyline.

With the three words "No more mutants", Scarlet Witch almost abolished an entire race of people. With three words, "No more Saiyans", Wanda could wipe Goku from existence all together.

5. Cable

There are plenty of telepaths in comics, but to be known as one of the strongest among the likes of Charles Xavier and Jean Grey is an amazing feat. In fact, at one point, Cable was the most power telepath and telekinetic on the planet. Cable could read the mind of everyone on the planet all while conducting his everyday agenda of fighting the world's governments. On top of that, Cable's telekinetic powers were so off the charts that he could hold a city floating in the air while monitoring S.H.I.E.L.D. and telling them it would be a mistake to attack him. There's probably nothing Goku could do before Cable literally blew his brain out from his own skull.

Cable's powers were on full display during his epic battle with the Silver Surfer. The Surfer crashed Cable through a series of buildings, with the mutant rebuilding the structures as they were destroyed. That sounds like more than enough power to take on Goku.

6. Jean Grey

Last, but certainly not least, the one of the most famous telekinetics of all time — Jean Grey. She can break things down telekinetically all the way down to the atoms. And while she, like Xavier, believes in pacifism, she's more than versed in hurting people and is not afraid to show her true power. Once, Jean went deep inside Emma Frost's head and pulled out Emma's deepest and darkest insecurities. Emma, a powerful telepath herself, was broken down like no one had done before. Jean left her crying with her makeup running in Wolverine's arms. Mess with Grey and she'll tear you down with every regret you've ever had. Goku is a good person with plenty of regrets, and Jean is not a person he wants in his head.

Beyond her massive psionic powers, there is another ace in the hole that Goku has no chance of defeating — the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix Force is a cosmic entity that can destroy a planet with ease. Even if for some reason Goku hits the Grey with a spirit bomb, there's no guarantee that it will kill her.

We all know that Goku is the top badass in the anime world, but he isn't unbeatable. The idea that he could take on the X-Men is beyond unbelievable. But if the Phoenix Force or Galactus comes and gives him an upgrade, well, everyone should just start writing their wills.

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