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The entire Gilmore Girls fandom let out a cry of happiness when Netflix released the first teaser for Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life, the upcoming four-part series revival. The teaser, released earlier today, confirmed that the series will be released worldwide on November 25, with all four parts will be released together. Of course, that means we can indulge in a day long binge and finally bid our favorite series farewell with the way it was always meant to end.

The trailer didn't give away any story points, but the short clip of mother/daughter pair Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) was enough to make us feel nostalgic. It got me thinking about all the things that Gilmore Girls: A Year in The life would need to be successful, so without further ado, let's take a look at what we need to see in this revival.

1. More Mother/Daughter Bonding

Rory and Lorelai.
Rory and Lorelai.

The original Gilmore Girls series relied heavily on mother/daughter relationships. Of course, Lorelai and Rory were at the center of the series, but we also saw plenty of interaction between Lorelai and her mother Emily. In order for A Year in The Life to succeed, we need to see those strong relationships return with some further growth to illustrate what's happened since we last saw the characters.

The teaser gave us a taste of Rory and Lorelai, but we're really interested in seeing what's new between Emily and Lorelai. They often butted heads, but even when they were arguing, they were captivating to watch. Judging from the sneak peek, our wishes will be fulfilled.

2. Gilmore-isms

The remarkable speed at which the titular girls speak has become something of a mainstay in the TV world, at least for these sort of light-hearted dramedies. In fact, fans had become so used to the fast-paced talking and irreverent topics of conversations that they took to calling the girls's distinctive sayings Gilmore-isms. Distinctive phrases such as "Oy with the poodles already" or "I need coffee in an IV" may mean nothing to the outside world, but a Gilmore Girls fan will instantly recognize them.

For A Year In The Life to be a hit, we need to see some new Gilmore-isms. After all, the world has changed a lot in the eight years since we last saw Rory and Lorelai, and the pair's outlook on life has no doubt changed in that time too.

3. Pop Culture References

Britney Spears, anyone?
Britney Spears, anyone?

Anybody who knows Gilmore Girls knows that the show became notorious for its frequent pop culture references. Lorelai and Rory often related their lives and daily experiences to scenes and characters from famous movies, TV series and novels — often to Emily's disdain. Gilmore Girls without pop culture references is simply not Gilmore Girls. Once again, an eight year hiatus should provide more than enough material for some hilarious references.

4. Adapting To The Times

Do technology and Gilmore Girls even go together?
Do technology and Gilmore Girls even go together?

One of the reasons that Gilmore Girls is remembered so fondly is because of the time period that the show was made in. The show and storylines are timeless but the actual series has a throwback feel reminiscent of the early and mid '00s.

In order for the revival to succeed, we need to see how the Gilmore girls themselves survive in a world preoccupied with technology, Netflix and specifically mobile phones. Sadly, the Gilmore answering machine may be rendered obsolete, but its a sacrifice we're willing to make.

5. Closure

Will Luke and Lorelai get their happily ever after?
Will Luke and Lorelai get their happily ever after?

Even after all this time, many fans were unhappy with how the series ended, mainly due to the fact that Luke and Lorelai never got married. While the series finale gave Rory a pretty happy ending, some storylines still felt far from finished.

With this Netflix revival, series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has the opportunity to end the series the way that she always envisioned and, more appropriately, the way that it should have ended. For many fans, this revival is an opportunity to see the series end as it was always meant to end. Moreover, we may finally get to see the wonderful Lorelai Gilmore get the happy ending that she throughly deserves.

Gilmore Girls touched so many people for many different reasons, but it's originality and creativity made it stand out from the crowd. So fear not my Gilmore cohorts in crime, judging from the trailer, we can rest assured that the revival will be everything that we could ever have dreamed of. Get ready to return to Stars Hollow — were the Gilmore girls lead, we will always follow.

What are you hoping to see in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life? Tell me in the comments section below!


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