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As far as movies go, I'm not the biggest fan of musicals. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with them, but when it comes to music-based movies I usually prefer the likes of Whiplash and August Rush over full-blown musicals like The Sound of Music or Grease. That being said, I'm a huge fan of Joss Whedon's 2008 web-series hit Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The characters, the music, and the story really grabbed my attention, and I had to go buy it on Blu-ray just so I could watch it over and over.

For those unfamiliar, Dr. Horrible follows actor Neil Patrick Harris as Billy, an aspiring super villain who adopts the moniker of Dr. Horrible to commit his evil crimes. He also happens to chronicle his daily life (in musical form) via video blog. It featured fan favorite Nathan Fillion as his archenemy, the heroic Captain Hammer, with Felicia Day as love interest Penny. It had that trademark mix of comedy and nerdiness you'd expect from Whedon, plus some solid musical numbers that made the project truly unique.

The cast and crew have been teasing a Dr. Horrible sequel for years, but busy schedules have prevented them from producing a follow-up. Whedon has said in the past that a script for the sequel is ready to go, though at this year's San Diego Comic-Con the creator's plans for the project remained vague. It may be ready to go, but it's still unclear when the sequel will come to fruition.

According to IMDB, Whedon doesn't have any major projects coming soon, so now would be the perfect time for the Dr. Horrible sequel we're all waiting for. And here's how the sequel can be even better than the original.

1. Make It A Feature-Length Film

When Dr. Horrible was first released, it wasn't in theaters or on television screens. It was released online due to the Writers Guild of America strike back in 2007 and 2008. It was only after the series's extremely positive reception that it was released on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Writers Strike ended years ago, and in the time since the name Joss Whedon has become way more popular because of his work on the Avengers films. It's plausible that he could get funding for a theatrical release of the sequel. Not to mention the story stars Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion, who are sure to bring huge crowds of nerds to theaters.

2. More Music!

If I'm having a hard day at work or if things just aren't going my way, listening to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack on Spotify always seems to make me happier. The songs are well-written, catchy, and fun to sing along to. If Jed Whedon — Joss's brother and collaborator on the project — can write another song even better than "My Eyes" or "Brand New Day," we're sure to get yet another unforgettable soundtrack.

3. Bring In Fresh New Faces

Joss Whedon and the cast at Paleyfest.
Joss Whedon and the cast at Paleyfest.

One of the most impressive elements of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was how much substance they were able to get around three central characters: Billy, Penny, and Captain Hammer. Of course, you could bring back Captain Hammer for a sequel, but what if another hero was introduced to the fray to combat Dr. Horrible?

I would love to see Alan Tudyk join in since he already has a working friendship with both Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon. He starred alongside Fillion on Whedon's fan favorite series Firefly. He's funny, quick on his feet, and as Firefly showed us has great chemistry with Fillion. Maybe the sequel could bring in Johnny Snow, a villain who was mentioned a time or two in the original. All I know is that there is plenty of room for new characters to shine in horrible sing-along fashion.

4. Reference the Original

Dr. Horrible freezes Penny at the laundromat.
Dr. Horrible freezes Penny at the laundromat.

After the end of the original, Dr. Horrible seems to have a whole new story set up for himself. I won't give it away just in case you haven't watched it yet (which you totally should), but let's just say he has to deal with some huge changes.

Just because he has a whole new story ahead of him doesn't mean that he can't recall his first adventure in the sequel. There are plenty of inside jokes and references that could pop up in a sequel, from the reappearance of signature weapons like the Freeze Ray to returning lyrical cues.

5. Cameos Galore!

Behold, the Whedonverse! (image:
Behold, the Whedonverse! (image:

Joss Whedon has had a hand in some of the biggest geek properties of the past 20 years, from Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Avengers and more. If he were to drop in a few actors from those properties, fans of the Whedonverse would go crazy! Have Sarah Michelle Geller show up in the laundromat or Jewel Staite pass Dr. Horrible by on the street. That'll have all sorts of people flocking toward a sequel. It'd be great to have them show up in meatier roles, but we'll settle for some cameos.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is funny, it has great music, and it has touching moments that'll make you share the pain of the lead characters. Not only is it a great musical, it is a great story altogether, and I'm sure that with the Whedon brothers back at the helm, a sequel has the potential to be even better than the original.


What is your favorite Dr. Horrible song?

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