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In our day and age, Hollywood is rebooting everything, and I think that a Flash Gordon reboot would be harmless to the existing franchise. Originally, this movie was a cult film that was created to be like the campy comic strip. With a reboot of this film, we could see an action comedy that would blow up at the box office, and would bring this campy action hero to a whole new generation. So, without any further introduction, let's delve into what a Flash Gordon reboot could look like.

Flash Gordon: Chris Hemsworth

When it comes to to blonde actors with luscious hair and dashing good looks, no one tops Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Chris has plenty of experience in the area of superhero films, and he could be the star vehicle that takes this reboot as far as it can go. He's certainly muscular enough to play the former football player, and he's certainly heroic enough to save every one of us.

Emperor Ming the Merciless: Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley is terrific at playing villains, not to mention he matches the character's look uncannily. Just look at his role as Mandarin in Iron Man 3 (even though it wasn't all it cracked up to be) and you'll know that he was born to play the, well, merciless Emperor Ming.

Dr. Zarkov: Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman has played any and every role imaginable. Mad scientist? Been there, done that. Not to mention, Oldman favors the character, and has played an extremely similar role in the unpopular Lost in Space movie. All in all, this legendary actor is fit for any role, but perfect for this one.

Dale Arden: Rachel McAdams

McAdams is used to playing the helpless love interest, but this role would give her a chance to play a badass love interest. Dale Arden isn't all helpless, and an actress like Rachel McAdams who is accustomed to romance movies could gain a nice change of pace from a character like this.

Princess Aura: Sasha Grey

The daughter of Emperor Ming and princess of, just about the whole universe I guess, the role of Aura is raunchy and tough to fill. However, I believe that former pornographic actress and current actress Sasha Grey was born for this. Her doing this movie could cement her status as an actress, and could perfectly bring Princess Aura to the big screen for another generation.

Prince Barin: Jude Law

Mirroring the good looks and British accent of Timothy Dalton, Jude Law is an ideal choice for Prince Barin. I would kill to see him as Barin in a fight against Hemsworth as Flash, and I think that his acting prowess perfectly matches up with Dalton in his prime.

Prince Vultan: Jason Momoa

Prince Vultan is a large, dark skinned hardy man (or hawkman to be specific), and that matches up with Jason Momoa's personality to a tee. He can be intimidating in roles such as Khal Drogo and Aquaman, but he also has the shining and light hearted characteristics that we see in Vultan. He's shaped like a warrior, and at the same time, can act nothing like one!


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