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Just recently at SDCC, Marvel gave fans a taste on what to expect this year (and the next) with revealing an array of teasers. Whether it'd be footage, art, or just an insight for films, fans are pumped! The hype is only going to continually rise as there's still more to release.

One teaser in particular that was shown at SDCC was the concept art released for the upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marvel also revealed the very first trailer, but unfortunately it wasn't given to the public. In this concept art, we see Spider-Man face-off with his iconic arch-nemesis, the Vulture. There's absolutely no denying that this battle is going to be epic.

While this concept art gives us a tiny bit of a first look at the main villain for the upcoming film, there may be a little more to it.

Was Donald Glover Cast As Aaron Davis?

While fans desperately wished for Donald Glover to be cast as Miles Morales in the MCU, the possibilities are just too low with his age being too high. Marvel still listened to the fans and decided to give Donald a role in the upcoming film, but mostly as someone other than Miles. It's still unknown who he's portraying at the moment, but there could be a chance that the new concept art answered that question.

A theory brought together by Newsarama, suggested that Donald Glover's role in Spider-Man: Homecoming is Aaron Davis and here's why:

Aaron Davis is famously known to be the uncle of Miles Morales. Now, Aaron Davis went on to become the villain known as the Prowler after discovering a pair of wings. As Marvel is rethinking Vulture's look in Spider-Man: Homecoming, they could've gained some inspiration from Aaron's suit. It makes sense because the suit that Aaron was wearing was actually designed and engineered for the Vulture himself but he was never able to wear it. What if Marvel gained a new idea while drawing up the variant for the Vulture?

It's extremely difficult to say that if Donald Glover was cast as Aaron Davis, he would be the main villain of the film as the Prowler. It's hard to come by because the Vulture is already officially named as one of the villains. Even with Michael Keaton possibly portraying him on the big screen. There's still a chance that Marvel could consider to use this in the future.

As support for Marvel keeping this in mind, in a recent interview with Collider, Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts spoke about the redesign for the Vulture's costume and what he said could raise some questions:

"It's a very tech-based approach to how the Vulture would build a wing suit and how he would fly. It's not just cool design; it's a big part of the story. That I can't give away, but there's some cool stuff that goes along with that. From the very beginning, we wanted to try to keep it tech based just to keep it different initially from what we had seen before. Just getting away from anything that was too similar to the past, and it sets up a really cool thing that I don't want to talk about yet! It's gonna be awesome."

Jon Watts came out and said that Vulture's wing suit is setting up a "really cool thing." Honestly it could be anything, but Aaron Davis as Prowler coming to the MCU is going to be theorized by many fans. If Marvel ever has plans for bringing Miles Morales on-screen, why not throw Prowler in as a villain option?

As we can sit here and compose all kinds of theories, there's still a ton we haven't seen or heard yet. There's a whole lot more to come!

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017!

Who do you think Donald Glover is portraying in the upcoming film? Comment down below!

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