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Let's go on a journey back to the late '00s, specifically 2008. It was a leap year (according to Wikipedia at least), The Dark Knight had released, along with the MCU starter Iron Man, and the stock market was rapidly plummeting! Most importantly, at least pertaining to this article that you're reading, Camp Rock had just aired for the first time on the Disney Channel.

Just when "Disney Kids" thought that the best musical to come out of the network was High School Musical, boy band The Jonas Brothers and newcomer Demi Lovato shocked the world with their pop-rock oriented smash hit!

Camp Rock has become a beloved film for many, and grown up Disney kids still have fond memories of watching the film on the network. But those days have since gone, the cast has grown up, and Disney Channel has undoubtedly changed. To top it all off, The Jonas Brothers have split and Demi Lovato is enjoying a career as a multi-award winning pop star, all without the help of Disney. Yes, it seemed as if the days when we would proudly exclaim that "We Rock" are over...

Nostalgia's Back At It Again!

If you thought that Camp Rock was just in the past, two of its main stars have just reunited to assure that that is far from the case! During her concert in Washington D.C., alongside former Disney boy band member Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato was met onstage by a surprising old friend.

Nick Jonas shocked the entire crowd that night when he grabbed the microphone and said "Joe, why don't you come on out here?". It didn't take long for the fans to know what was going on! After all, how many Joe's could Nick know, especially ones he'd invite on stage during a concert?

The cheering only got louder when Joe Jonas appeared onstage, walking out of the shadows, and embraced his former Camp Rock co-stars, as seen in the Instagram post above. Joe and Demi then proceeded to recreate the iconic scene from Camp Rock, where Joe's character sings "Gotta Find You" while Demi's character simultaneously sings "This Is Me" . As you can imagine, at this point the crowd was basically frothing at the mouth.

As a huge fan of Camp Rock, and a lover of nostalgic moments, I must admit that this video had my eyes watering up a bit. It's always nice to see celebrities pay tribute to the things that made them so big. Without Camp Rock, we probably wouldn't have been properly introduced to the Jonas Brothers or the extremely talented Demi Lovato!

What Have They Been Up To Since Camp Rock?

Image: Disney Channel
Image: Disney Channel

It's hard to believe, but it's been 8 whole years since Camp Rock premiered on Disney Channel! A lot has happened in those 8 years, especially with the careeers of the film's main cast.

Joe and Demi have both moved on from their Disney Channel days, but thankfully they have not forgotten the years that made them famous. Let's take a quick look at what both of these celebs have been up to since 2008!

Joe Jonas

Left: Joe Jonas in Camp Rock (Disney Channel). Right: Jonas in 'Cake by the Ocean (Republic)
Left: Joe Jonas in Camp Rock (Disney Channel). Right: Jonas in 'Cake by the Ocean (Republic)

Seen as the lead of the Jonas Brother's trio, Joe was seen as the one "most likely to succeed" in the Class of Camp Rock. Which is why it's pretty shocking to hear that after Camp Rock, and the end of the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas kind of disappeared.

He showed up in a few songs here and there, including a whole solo album, and even maintained a strong Twitter following. However, it was ironically his younger brother Nick that became the breakout star after their Disney Channel days.

But worry not Joe Jonas fans; the emo-haired singer has since returned to the world of music with his new pop-rock band, DNCE! Formed in 2015, DNCE became Joe's next big project after a lukewarm Jonas Brothers reunion. You may not know DNCE by name yet, since they're so new, but you more than likely know them from their song "Cake by the Ocean", which invaded radio stations everywhere literally overnight!

Demi Lovato

Left: Demi Lovato in Camp Rock (Disney Channel). Right: Lovato in 'Cool for the Summer' (Hollywood Records)
Left: Demi Lovato in Camp Rock (Disney Channel). Right: Lovato in 'Cool for the Summer' (Hollywood Records)

Demi Lovato has arguably had a much more successful "after Disney career" than her Camp Rock co-star! After her Disney days, which included the hit sitcom Sonny With A Chance (in which she starred), Demi pursued a solo singing career.

She became extremely successful in her efforts, selling multiple albums, with her second album "Here We Go Again" getting gold certified! Since her career launched, Demi Lovato has appeared on the hit Fox show Glee, and the singing competition show The X Factor as a judge.

Demi hasn't completely left her acting days behind however, She'll be replacing Katy Perry as the voice of Smurfette in the upcoming 2017 animated film, Smurfs: The Lost Village.

These two have certainly come far since their days as Disney Channel stars. It's nice to see that they've not only learned from their beginnings, but remembered and treasured them just like all of us Camp Rock fans!

Now all we need is for Kevin to come out of the dark remote cave he's been living in, and the JB can reunite to sing some of their greatest hits! Am I asking for too much? I'm probably asking for too much. Oh well, I'll probably never see the Jonas Brothers perform 'World War III' live in 2016, but it was absolutely epic to see Joe, Nick, and Demi reunite to make thousands of Camp Rock fans cry tears of joy!

Thanks For Reading! What's Your Favorite Camp Rock Song?

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