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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Do you want to play a game? How about a game involving a chain of giant pig carcasses covered in crawling maggots and a tub of minced up pig entrails? Saw fans will know that this delightful scenario is one of the grand set pieces in Saw 3, doing for porcine guts what Saw 2 did for hypodermics in the memorable needle pit scene.

Check out the video below to see how those magical SFX folks created the sickening centerpiece of Saw 3. Warning: if the idea of watching a video where the word 'maggots' is used 22 times alarms you, back away now!

If you don't have enough time/mobile data to watch a full four minutes of guys chatting about chopping up disgusting (though mercifully fake) piggies, the highlights of this video include the following quotations:

  • ''The pigs were all made of rubber, foam and latex with their entrails hanging out the front... our SFX had a heck of a time mixing up enough blood and guts and pig entrails to really make it look effective.''
  • ''You can see how horrific this one is over here, we wanted to see them with maggots in the eye socket... you can see deep inside these carcasses too.''
  • ''Just get a cup full of maggots and it'll only be used for close ups.''
Maggoty piggies in Saw 3. Image: Lionsgate
Maggoty piggies in Saw 3. Image: Lionsgate
  • ''We're slapping honey all over these huge rotting latex pig carcasses and taking handfuls of maggots and just sticking them to the side of the pigs.''
  • ''The set was covered in maggots.''

Oh, and to keep the Saw 3 cast and crew safe in the event that they accidentally swallowed one of the wriggling larvae, they had a rather unusual safeguard in place: ''sterilized maggots... completely edible. Edible maggots.''

More Porcine Saw Facts To Make You Squeal Like a Pig

As Admiral Ackbar once said, It's A Trap. Image: Lionsgate
As Admiral Ackbar once said, It's A Trap. Image: Lionsgate
  • When Amanda chops up her cellmate's stomach in the first Saw movie, it was actually a pig uterus bought from a local Chinese grocer.
  • Jigsaw's pig mask is deep, man: he started his 'work' in the Year of the Pig. The pig symbolizes rebirth in the Chinese Zodiac: John Kramer is reborn as Jigsaw after his family tragedy. Wan and Whannell came up with the idea of the pig mask to symbolize Jigsaw's tainted, rotten view of the world (and the disease eating him up from the inside out).
Jigsaw's cronies in pig masks. Image: Lionsgate
Jigsaw's cronies in pig masks. Image: Lionsgate
  • When the pig mask arrived on set, the directors deemed it too innocent and set about making it more unpleasant to look at, adding tatty hair and streams of pus from its eyes and nose. Yup, that oughta do it.
  • A recognizable symbol of the Saw franchise, the pig mask look has been immortalized in posters and NECA toys.


What's your favorite pig-related horror scene?

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