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Right now there are two hot topics when it comes to the entertainment industry, Superheroes and Pokemon. News keeps flooding in about Superhero movies and television show. We've been inundated recently with trailers for upcoming movies, including Wonder Woman and Justice League, news on televisions shows, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Netflix's Marvel Productions, and we have even received official casting for Marvel's Captain Marvel. Likewise, Pokemon is pretty much viral right now, with the release of the highly popular Pokemon Go and news continuing to come out on the next generation of game Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Conquest was a game released back in 2012, which saw Pokemon cross with another franchise, the Nobunaga's Ambition series of games. This game paired the characters from Nobunaga's Ambition with Pokemon that matched their design or personality. For a little bit of fun, let's imagine Pokemon merged with DC and Marvel to create a region using Superheroes as Gym Leaders. Each Gym Leader will have a full team of 6, but not all may match the gym type, but instead personality or design of the character.

Gym #1 - Spider-man - Bug Types

Spider-man would obviously have the spider Pokemon Spinarak (bug/poison), Ariados (bug/poison), Surskit (bug/water) who is not technically a spider but does have thin spider-like legs, Joltik (bug/electric) and Galvantula (bug/electric). The final choice is Hoopa, who is not a bug type but instead a psychic/dark type. Hoopa is a cheeky Pokemon, and with Spider-man being a wisecracking superhero, the pairing seemed perfect. The ideal Pokemon to take out his team would be rock type Pokemon, as Hoopa would not feature in gym battles due to his type difference. His Gym Badge would be the Web Badge.

Gym #2 - Black Widow - Poison Types

Black Widow likes to leave a sting, so having poison types would be the most logical choice for her. This would allow her to poison her target and weaken them throughout a battle. Pairing with Nidoqueen (ground/poison), Seviper (poision), Roserade (grass/poison), Darpion (poison/dark), Scolipede (bug/poison) and Dragalge (poison/dragon), the ideal Pokemon type to face her team would be psychic. However, her Dragalge could give the trainer an issue as its type combination does cancel out some of its normal weaknesses. Her Gym Badge would be the Sting Badge.

Gym #3 - Storm - Electric Types

Storm is the mistress of lightning, so who better to be the electric gym leader? Using the most famous Pokemon of all, Pikachu (electric), along with Jolteon (electric), Manectic (electric), Luxray (electric), Rotom (electric/ghost) and Zebstrika (electric) she would have an easy time inflicting paralysis on on her opponents. Ground types would give all her Pokemon issues, except for Rotom who has the ability to levitate. Additionally Rotom can merge with appliances to alter its type into electric/fire, electric/flying, electric/water, electric/grass and electric/ice which would allow her more diversity in attacks used. Her Gym Badge would the the Storm Badge.

Gym #4 - Wolverine - Normal Types

While Wolverine is an extremely good fighter, he seemed perfect for a normal type gym. Normal types tend to use what they have and that is a description that fits Wolverine, who is more likely to use his claws than his brain. Using Ursaring (normal), Vigaroth (normal), Zangoose (normal), Watchog (normal), Pyroar (fire/normal) and the legendary Regigigas (normal) he would pose a true threat using the most unused Pokemon type among the fans. Fighting types would be the best Pokemon to face him in battle. His Gym Badge would be the Claw Badge.

Gym #5 - Aquaman - Water Types

The king of the oceans has to be the one using water Pokemon. With Gyarados (water/flying), Sharpedo (water/dark), Wailord (water), Empoleon (water/steel), Carracosta (water/rock) and the legendary Keldeo (water/fighting) he has a very diverse mixture of side types. Empoleon would be his praimary Pokemon as it has a Triton fork for his face, which would match the one held by Aquaman. With this mixture of side type, he would gain odds to counter any electric or grass Pokemon sent to fight his team. His Gym Badge would be the Triton Badge.

Gym #6 - Captain America - Fighting Types

Captain America is among the apex of top fighters in comic books, so fighting types were an obvious choice for him. Teamed with Machamp (fighting), Infernape (fire/fighting), Lucario (fighing/steel), Gallade (psychic/fighting) and the legendary Cobalion (fighting), he would be a worthy adversary for psychic type Pokemon, with the addition of a steel and psychic side types on his team. He would also have a Aegislash in shield form to represent his iconic trademark star and strips shield. His Gym Badge would be the Shield Badge.

Gym #7 - Iron Man - Steel Types

Iron Man knows how to build solid armor, so who better to hold a team of steel type Pokemon? Using Bronzong (steel/psychic), the evolution line of Kilnk, Klang and Klinkland (all steel), Bisharp (dark/steel) and the ancient legendary Pokemon Genesect (bug/steel) he would have a strong team to face any fighting type Pokemon that come his way. His Bronzong and Genesect would be his primary advantages especially if he switches the drives the Genesect uses in battle allowing it access to fire, electric, water, grass and ice type moves. His Gym Badge would be the Iron Works Badge.

Gym #8 Final Gym - Martian Manhunter - Psychic Types

J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, would be the top of the gym leaders. Using powerhouse psychic Pokemon including Alakazam (psychic), Gardevoir (psychic/fairy), Metagross (steel/psychic) and the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo (psychic) and extraterrestrial Deoxys (psychic), he would be near unstoppable. He would also hold a Ditto to represent his ability to alter his own appearance, but it would not feature in gym battles. His Gym Badge would be the Mind Walker Badge.

You Know What Comes Next...

With the gym leaders defeated, there would only be one thing left for a trainer to do: Challenge the Elite Four and face the Pokemon League Champion. Let us take a look at the Elite Four and League Champion for this world, which would require us to have a strong and diverse team to defeat them.

Elite Four Member #1 - Batman - Powers of the Dark

Batman would use Pokemon that are associated with darkness and not necessarily associated with a specific type. Naturally, he would hold the entire Zubat evolution line that includes Golbat and Crobat (all flying/poison). He would then hold a Noivern (flying/dragon) due to its bat-like appearance. His Zoroark (dark) would be on his team for its ability of illusion which can deceive an opponent in battle. The legendary Darkrai (dark) had to be his legendary, as it is a Pokemon that can hide in the shadows, one of Batman's favorite places. A trainer would have to be sharp to match the tactics that Batman could use with this team.

Elite Four Member #2 - Captain Marvel - Captains of the Sky

Queen of the sky in Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel would hold Pokemon that are champions of the air. Charizard (fire/flying), Pidgeot (normal/flying), Altaria (flying/dragon), Swanna (flying/water) and Bravary (normal/flying) would give her a fast, strong and diverse team already, but when you add in the powerhouse legendary Rayquaza, she would become near unstoppable. Rayquaza fits Captain Marvel well, as both are powerful and comfortable when in the upper atmosphere. A trainer would have to have some powerful electric and ice type moves in hopes of moving on.

Elite Four Member #3 - Wonder Woman - Warrior or Ancients

Wonder Woman is an Amazon, an ancient and legendary warrior. This makes her ideal to hold a team of dragon type Pokemon as dragons are creatures of fables and legends themselves. Using Dragonair (dragon), Flygon (ground/dragon), Salamance (flying/dragon) and Hydreigon (dragon/dark) would be a tough challenge in itself, but when she reveals the legendary siblings Latios and Latias (psychic/dragon), she would prove a worthy final challenge before facing the final member of the Elite Four. A trainer would need a strong fairy type in hopes of holding out against this team.

Elite Four Member #4 - Superman - Super Strong Powerhouses

Superman would hold some of the strongest Pokemon in the franchise. Using Aerodactyl (flying/rock), Tyranitar (dark/rock), Aggron (steel/rock), Rhyperior (ground/rock) and Tyrantrum (rock/dragon) would force any trainer to prove they have equally strong Pokemon themselves. However, when Arceus joins the battle with the ability to switch between type plates, the trainer would be pushed to the ultimate limits before facing the Pokemon League Champion. While good fighting and water types would aid in the battle, Arceus would require a team of Pokemon with diverse moves available to achieve victory.

The Pokemon League Champion - Thor - Gods of Legends

Being the God of Thunder, Thor would bring the same power in his Pokemon. Having a team filled with nothing but Legendary Pokemon, the team would represent the power of a mighty storm. Zapdos (electric/flying), Raikou (electric), Thundurus in Therian Forme (flying/electric) and Zekrom (dragon/electric) would all bring the mighty thunder to the storm. Primal Kyogre (water) and Tornadus in Therian Forme (flying) would bring the wind and rain to the storm. With this team, a trainer would need to be the best to become the new Champion of the region.

What do you think of Super-Pokes?

These are just a handful of Superheroes from Marvel and DC paired with Pokemon. You could easily write an endless list of pairings for both Marvel and DC heroes. But these appear to be the top and most popular at this present time from both titles.

With so many unmentioned characters, which Pokemon would you give to your favorite heroes?


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