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Time has come! The 2016 Summer Olympic Games are about to start bringing all that excitement we only experience once every four years. But before Bolt, Phelps, Djokovic, Daley, Neymar and the US basketball team start to sweat under Rio's sun, this video from Darth Blender channel remember us some of the most unforgettable audiovisual moments related to Olympic sports. Take a close look to see if you remember any of them.

The list of used excerpts is at video's description, but it's always a delight to remember some unforgettable boxing movies like Raging Bull side by side with Chaplin's City Lights.

Archery may not be the most popular sport to watch on national TV, but it is certainly a great entertainment option on Hunger Games and Disney's Brave.

And how about athletics? Running, jumping and throwing are some of our super hero specialties!

Now do you imagine real life sport stars on the screen? Yes, we've got Pelé in Victory and Michael Jordan in Space Jam.

Sailing, equestrian, volleyball... They're all there!

Did you know rugby is back to the Olympic calendar after more than 90 years of absence?

So let's light up the Olympic flame, and... Let the games begin!

Which sports are you more excited to watch in the Olympics Rio 2016? Tell us here in the comments!


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